NASA has discovered 7 Earth-like planets orbiting a star just 40 light-years away

The first step in finding life outside our own planet is to find a planet like our own: small, rocky, and at just the right distance from the star that liquid water could exist on its surface. That’s why an announcement today from NASA is so exciting: The space agency,…

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5 Riveting Tools You Didn’t Know NASA Uses for Research

Everyone knows that NASA uses spacecraft, computers and enormous telescopes in their work. It’s also widely known that some of the devices the organization uses have spread to the general population. Cell phone cameras and computer mice, for existence, were both originally designed by and for NASA. Below is a…

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First video in history to capture the Moon orbiting Earth

When NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew past Earth in October of this year, it’s captured an incredible moment that no one ever captured, Moon orbiting Earth.  According to Scott Bolton (NASA’s Juno principal investigator) ” if Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise said, ‘Take us home, Scotty,’ this is what the crew would see.” It’s truly…

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