Top 5 Big Screen Phones Of 2013

Big-screen phones are often the choice of those who are looking for the features of a smartphone, and desiring to use it as a tablet as well. While Samsung initially set the trend by launching large-screen phones, other phone-makers have taken the cue and launched top-notch phones with big screens.…

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The Success Of Nokia Lumia 520 In India; Why Indians Love The Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 was launched by Nokia with the intention of helping the Finnish tech giant regain lost territory in the smartphone battleground. The Lumia 520 has been providing stiff competition to other smartphones in the market. Powered by the famed Windows 8 OS, this device offers a range…

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Top 5 Successful Mobiles From Lumia Series

The rise of Nokia over the last few years has been a remarkable journey. A lot of discussion about Nokia’s downwards spiral after the arrival of Android OS has made its news. That is true since Nokia was indeed losing a lot of business and market share to emerging smartphone…

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Nokia Lumia 928 – Simply Superior Smartphone

Smartphones are one of the most popular ways to stay intouch with friends and family by calling, messaging and through social media. It can feel like there is a new, updated version of a smartphone hitting the market nearly every week. It was iPhone who dominated the smartphone sales for…

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Report of Nokia EOS encounter describes Lumia 920 / 808 hybrid

Are you a fun of the Nokia Lumia phones? You must be celebrating about the announcement of three new phones from Nokia a few days ago. The bad news is that out of the three new Nokia Smartphones, none of them were the fable Nokia EOS as speculated by many.…

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