Smartphones: 3 Booming Industries Built On The Computer In Your Pocket

The first smartphone, the Apple iPhone, was released in 2007. While many people in the mid-2000s didn’t see the rise of these devices on the horizon, smartphones are incredibly popular today, with more than three-quarters of the United States population owning one. Arguably the largest factor contributing to its incredible…

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5 Instruments that Ensure Your Home is Safe

There are many burglaries, fires, and carbon monoxide gas outbreaks. How do you ensure that your family is safe while they are at home? There are no perfect solutions for home safety. But there are some devices that can help increase home security. The following 5 instruments will help provide…

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Top 5 Best android smartphones under 15,000

It always feels good to have more at less price. Are you looking for the best android smartphones? Here’s a list of what we think are the best mobile phones in India for 2017 based on their specs. These are the best phones available in the market right now, including…

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How to Choose the Best Portable Charger

The real happiness to the people who are all having a smart phone, tablet, or other mobile devices is the fully charged battery. When they are traveling regularly, at most the times they are experiencing the lower battery and sometimes their devices would be switched off. This is because the…

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How Smartphone Technology is affecting humanity?

With Smartphone comes myriad of amazing features be it computation or logic easily accomplished with their help. In fact taking and receiving calls has turned secondary as there is a lot more to do from note-taking to gaming apps, coordinating applications across many gadgets. However nothing stays behind with an…

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