New PlayStation model is available online even before its official release

There were new listings popping up in the system for the sale of the new PlayStation that Sony planned to release by September 7th, 2016. On hearing the news about the rumors about the PlayStation being listed on Gumtree, the leading gaming company Eurogamer sent out an investigation team from…

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Top 5 Big Screen Phones Of 2013

Big-screen phones are often the choice of those who are looking for the features of a smartphone, and desiring to use it as a tablet as well. While Samsung initially set the trend by launching large-screen phones, other phone-makers have taken the cue and launched top-notch phones with big screens.…

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Best 4 Smartphones to buy in 2013

iPhone 5S We can’t start any smartphone review without mentioning the latest addition to the iPhone series – the iPhone 5S. Like always, Apple has provided users with fantastic new features and amazing, never before seen process power. The new iPhone 5S is more than capable of running programs at…

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Sony Xperia Z vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: which is a better waterproof phone?

Phones these days, especially smartphones, seem to come laden with the most technologically advanced features possible all the time. Developers are keen on taking all modern technologies available and then cramming them in a small case. More often than not, these phones do not stand the test of time. What…

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The Next Generation of TV is Here in 4K Ultra High Definition

There’s a new resolution on everyone’s lips this year at the Consumer Electronics Show: 3840 x 2160. That’s the resolution that 4K ultra HD is promising, according to Geek Exchange. All of the big name television manufacturers were showing off these televisions, from sizes ranging from 50 inches up to…

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The top 5 Dual SIM Budget Smartphones in India

With the advent of Smartphones, each one of us has become tech-savvy. The craze is no less in India. And the latest craze is carrying dual sim! And why not- people prefer using different networks with different facilities. Now, let us take a sneak peek into the top 5 raging…

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