Why Your Company’s Niche Should Direct Your Social Media Strategy

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Which one/s should you choose? All of them? None of them? Some of them? The last answer is the most correct, though all social media sites have merit. That’s why it’s so important that you create your social media plan according to your business’s niche. The…

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Social Media Integration in Apps: Need and Importance

In the world of app development, social media is gaining popularity. And now it has become an inseparable part of the industry. With the growing competition in the app business, social media is most relevant than any time before. Getting the downloads and high retention rates are not a piece…

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Role Models: 5 Big Brands Embracing Social Media for Optimal Impact

Social media continues to gain steam in the business world, and companies are often perceived as out of touch if their social pages are not kept up-to-date. While most businesses will maintain some sort of ongoing content for their social channels in order to avoid this perception, not all companies…

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5 Vital Components of Social Media Style Guide

Social media engagement is one of the reasons many online marketers generate more profits on their businesses. If you’re part of the competitive digital world of  marketers, you probably get what I mean. Social media plays a huge part in any businesses and it is no longer debated. When social…

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Harnessing the Marketing Power of Twitter

Twitter has 58 million tweets, 2.1 billion search queries, and 135,000 average new users every single day, documents StatisticBrain. This incredible social media resource is being underutilized by companies. By following the below strategies, a company can get a grasp of how to properly harness Twitter’s marketing capabilities. Making Sense…

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Five Easy Steps That Can Ensure More Twitter Engagement

Have you been feeling lonely on Twitter? With the massive amount of tweets per second, it is easy to feel lost in the crowd. Once you learn some tips and tricks, however, you’ll begin to enjoy the micro-blogging platform for what it is: an awesome place to engage potential customers…

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Twitter has introduced new profile pages layout

Today, Twitter has introduced new layout for profile pages. Now users can upload photos as “header photo“. Also they launched new version of mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The uploaded photo is also appear across on the mobile apps too. The header photo is similar to Facebook‘s…

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