Google’s Software Removal Tool removes crapware and resets your browser

Sometimes I really frustrated with unwanted toolbars, browser-hijacking malwares, popup ads and more other craps. And I know,  many Internet users are affected by softwares like these and it’s clear that this poses a threat to many users. So how can we get rid of these junks? While most browsers…

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How to Run Windows XP on Android

You might installed Windows XP thousand times  in your PC but did you ever tried to install/run in an Android device? But this guy, Dave Bennett, really did it.  Do you want to how he did it? then watch the video below. He installed Windows XP  in a Samsung Galaxy android smartphione. According to the…

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How to Improve Battery Life of Any Mobile Device

Despite their make or model battery issues continue to persist with smartphones. Devices and their associated apps might make us more productive and connect us with our family and friends on the go but they also cause our phones to frequently run out of power, especially when we need them…

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Micromax – Into The Windows

Micromax has proved its ability to deliver on its promises. The Indian manufacturer of smartphones has provided latest technologies and innovations to the consumers at highly affordable prices. With its ingenious marketing strategies and successful execution of the same the company has been able to climb up the ranks in…

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The Success Of Nokia Lumia 520 In India; Why Indians Love The Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 was launched by Nokia with the intention of helping the Finnish tech giant regain lost territory in the smartphone battleground. The Lumia 520 has been providing stiff competition to other smartphones in the market. Powered by the famed Windows 8 OS, this device offers a range…

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Official HTC Taira photo leaks ahead of announcement

Have you been waiting for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 Smartphone? May be you are a great fun of the device and you are wondering when it will hit the market. The recent update about this HTC Tiara Smartphone is the official image that leaked and it actually shows the…

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