Redesigning the Office: How to Modernize Your Work Space

The importance of redesigning your office so that it is modern and functional cannot be denied. Although changing your work environment is likely to disrupt normal activities, the results will definitely be worth it. Such a move will help you project a professional image while at the same time boost…

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Inside the Warehouse: How to Cultivate a Safe Work Environment

When warehouse safety is mentioned, the general idea is that everything is fine and nothing needs to be changed. You know that your workers take shortcuts, but you do not expect the worst from them. You don’t have to wait until an accident occurs until you improve safety measures. Here…

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4 Ways to Make Your Next Company Party Safer for Everyone

Throwing a company party is a great way to build loyalty and increase the sense of appreciation among employees. If the party will be serving alcohol, you will need to take a few precautions. Follow these four tips in order to keep your next company party safer for everyone who…

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4 Digital Crises to Prevent at the Workplace

Like it or not, your business exists within a digital age. And while computers enable businesses to reach a broader range of customers through interactive marketing, store and categorize data in ways pen and paper could never allow, and many other advantages, technology is not without its pitfalls. While the…

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5 Ways to Create an Atmosphere of Productivity in the Workplace

Factory productivity seems easier to measure and improve than office productivity, but in reality, both can be measured and improved. The atmosphere at the workplace has a large impact on office productivity and it can be managed. Here are 5 different ways to create an atmosphere of productivity in the…

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Friendly with Fire: How to Avoid Burn Accidents in the Workplace

Approximately 450,000 Americans are treated for burns each year. They can cost your company money in damaged property, workers compensation rates, and lost productivity. Failure to monitor unsafe conditions leaves you and your employees at risk. Here are ways to avoid burns at your business. Handling Chemicals Some industrial chemicals…

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Office Tech: How to Optimize Workplace Efficiency

Efficiency optimization has long been a standard operational goal of corporations around the globe, generating countless resources and theoretical frameworks to guide business efficiency over the years. From six sigma in manufacturing to agile development in software, all paradigms share one commonality: streamlining workflows. However, when we talk about streamlining…

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