Businesses must keep up with technology in order to maintain security and efficiency. Keep reading to learn about six excellent technology tools that will ensure your company is safe and efficient.

Online Security

Every year, the amount of online crime and data breaches increases. According to PC Magazine, every company should use a well-established anti-virus program to keep their files and information safe. Many of these comprehensive programs are relatively inexpensive and provide exclusive security services. For example, PC Magazine rated Webroot, Bitdefender and Kapersky as the top anti-virus programs of the year.

Office Efficiency

According to Forbes magazine, the biggest source of employees’ wasted time comes from inefficient processes and technology with limited functionality. However, Forbes recommends certain tools to increase efficiency. For example, Google Docs is a free and easy way to create and share online documents. In fact, employees in different locations can simultaneously share and edit the same file.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a great way to store files online at an affordable price. For instance, Dropbox allows companies to conveniently store any and all files online. This is especially beneficial for upper level employees who often travel or work from home.

Video Products

More and more companies rely on computers and technology for their business conferencing needs. For example, VoiP technology allows companies to forgo using landline phones and instead, use their computer and network systems as their phone. On the other hand, Smart TV’s are becoming a popular way to facilitate high quality voice conferences between company offices located in different states or even countries. Therefore, the IT department should have the necessary video cables, switches and adaptors on hand.

Basic Computer Products

Besides a wireless keyboard and a USB optical mouse, there are many basic computer products that your IT employees will need. For example, they will need to have testers for networks, computers and phone lines. They should also have standard cable assembly parts, computer parts and printer and parallel cables.

High Quality Fiber Optics Cables

Every company must have a fast and efficient network to keep up with customers and business demands. For example, any network downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue and business opportunities. Therefore, every business should have a reliable local or online supplier who can quickly meet their needs. In fact, it is a good idea to stock up on certain items that are prone to break or difficult to source. You can find high quality fiber optic cables at Cablewholesale.com.

Companies can maintain security and efficiency through anti-virus programs and cloud-based computing. The IT department should also stock up on critical video, computer and fiber optic products.