Technology-based careers are popular because they offer great salaries and benefits. It’s a field where professionals are needed, and the jobs can be both fun and financially rewarding. Here are six tech jobs that guarantee an exciting and engaging career.

Web Developers

As mobile technologies become more integrated into the commercial world, the demand for web developers is rapidly expanding. Web developers are key members of interdisciplinary technical teams, which may be made up of content writers, graphic artists, digital marketers and software developers.

Most web developers spend their time coding and debugging programs. Others research and monitor website traffic and statistics.

Network Administrators

Network administrators oversee a variety of integrated IT systems. They must be familiar with security, database, architecture and information systems. Network administrators perform a great deal of supervisory responsibilities and regularly collaborate with IT specialists, such as software technicians and external IT consultants. Those who want to become network administrators should learn how to maintain and repair computer hardware and software programs.

Information Security Analysts

Cyber-crime is quickly becoming a major concern for both consumers and companies. Employers and government agencies need IT workers to safeguard data, prevent cyber-crime and respond to security holes before they become breaches. Computer security is especially important for national defense and industrial trade secrets, but any company that maintains databases of personal consumer information will need information security analysts.

Database Administrators

Database administrator positions are perfect for introverts who prefer data over human interaction. These IT professionals develop and maintain system architectures that store massive amounts of data. They deal with users, oversee debugging and prevent data security issues. The need for database administrators is growing because of the cloud and big data. That is, many companies are migrating their systems to the cloud and others are relying on big data analytics for market and consumer research insight.

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts deal with both data and computing processes. They typically analyze data and process flows in order to find ways to transform informational inputs into useful outputs. These IT professionals must understand the needs of those who create, process and use data. Therefore, this position requires excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering requires strong tech and mechanical skills. Electrical engineers design new ways to use electrical power and innovate ways to improve existing products. They are involved with product testing and manufacturing as well as on-site equipment installation. Electronic engineers typically study electrical, electronic or electrical technology engineering. A Master’s in Electrical Engineering can give you the skills needed for the most rewarding jobs in the field.

There are many exciting options for those wanting to work in the field of tech. By getting the necessary education and experience, you can get nearly any job you want in the field. These are just a few examples of the many rewarding careers.