Technology is a driving force in many industries, and Healthcare is no exception. The expansion of computers, tablets, and smartphones in the medical field has improved the overall patient experience and contributed to advances in science.

Technology Allows for Self-management

A recent survey conducted by Accenture shows that more than 80 percent of patients value accessibility of medical records because such obtainability allows them to manage their health better. Receiving electronic reminders of upcoming appointments was a particular favorite among those questioned as such alerts allow patients to keep up with annual physical examinations and other doctor’s visits. More than 70 percent of those surveyed believed that updating their electronic records should be the norm in healthcare, and thousands more who were not questioned would probably agree.

More about Accessibility

Industry analysts have noticed an increase in accessibility since doctors and support staff have begun bringing tablets into the exam room. Portable technology opens up a new world in healthcare because patients can access what was discussed during their most recent doctor’s visits just hours after the appointment concludes. Patients also enjoy the idea of being able to view and pay bills online, which is a feature that medical staff can appreciate as well.

Safe Patient Care

Having access to medical records gives patients the ability to converse with their primary care physicians more frequently. A woman who is experiencing side effects from prescribed medication can easily message her doctor instead of scheduling a follow-up appointment that may come weeks after a prescription has negatively influenced the body’s daily operation. Having the ability to view lab reports and communicate online provides a safety sphere between patient and physician that was not realized before technology’s innovativeness. Now, patients can work alongside doctors to prevent complications and create a more effective healthcare experience.

Technology and Scientific Advances

Data uploaded for patient viewing is beneficial to the entire sphere of science. Researchers often use the non-classified information in files to gather statistics related to diseases in efforts to curb outbreaks and find cures for illnesses. A region prone to influenza one year could be less susceptible the next year with technology that provides scientists with data related to age and regional demographics concerning the virus.

MedProID is Leading the Way in Technological Advances

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Technology is continuing to change the face of the healthcare industry through better accessibility. The sky appears to be the limit in innovativeness.