Since the automobile was made commercially available to the public in 1908 with the Ford Model-T, there has been a need for people with the skills to perform maintenance and repair work on cars. A lot has changed since then. Today, technology plays a bigger role than ever in auto repair work. Here are some of the ways how.


Unlike the cars of the past, today’s vehicles are far more electronically complex. They may seem so complex that one may assume that only an electrical engineer can make sense of it all. That is not the case however. Modern vehicles come preinstalled with computer diagnostics systems.

This on board diagnostics system actually makes the work of auto mechanics far easier. In the past, there was a lot of guess work involved and a need for special tools for each specific issue a car may suffer from. Today, mechanics can learn pretty much all they need to know in most cases from an OBD port. OBD stands for onboard diagnostics. This system records all kinds of information regarding the vehicle and can make troubleshooting problems far easier and quicker for the mechanic.


Today, however, some cars even go beyond simple diagnostics. Many include onboard Wi-Fi. This has many benefits in regards to safety and maintenance. It can send diagnostics information directly to the cars’ manufacturer for on the spot analysis. If something is wrong with the vehicle, the driver can be alerted immediately via a phone call, e-mail or text message. A trip to the mechanic can almost be automated in that case. If the car suffers an accident, help can also be requested automatically as well as towing from a company like Chehalis Collision Center. There are plenty of possibilities.

Auto Mechanic Software Packages

Software suites are designed to help make businesses more efficient in many industries. Auto repair work is no different. There are many different software packages on the market specifically designed for auto mechanics. This includes software designed to make the invoicing and customer management aspect of the job more efficient. It also includes software that can estimate repair costs for clients and help direct workflow on a repair job in an orderly manner. Pretty much every aspect of auto repair work can be improved with the use of such software.

Automobiles represent one of the greatest technological advancements of the past century. However, the technology is still improving by leaps and bounds. Today, cars and auto repair work involve the use of high tech computer systems that make the work of auto mechanics far easier.