Laptops are one of the breakthrough gadgets in the 21st century. We use for school, work, business, and leisure. It’s hard to imagine what’s going to happen if laptops do not exist. We’ll be impaired since we’re heavily dependent on them to get our job done our done.

Term papers, assignments, reports, presentations, calculations, gaming, and browsing are just some of the things that we do on our laptop. Furthermore, one of the best benefits that laptop computers can give us is its portability. You can use it anytime and anywhere, even when you’re off for travel.

You can make it as your travel buddy as it is easy to carry and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in our luggage. However, just as how useful a laptop can be, it can also bring you stress when you hit the road for travel.

The portability of laptops can make it easier for us to lose and break it. Also, this kind of gadgets are expensive, that’s why it is prone to theft, so you should always pay attention and take security measures to protect it. Here are five useful tips to protect your laptop as you go venture with it.

Be Watchful and Keep Your Eyes on It

Laptops are prone to theft. Hence you should always keep an eye on it especially when you are working in a public environment. This idea should be clear in our minds even without somebody reminding us. For instance, you should always bring it with you whenever you can to avoid getting it stolen.

As such, a laptop is portable, and the likelihood of losing it on our own is high. You can leave it anywhere and might forget to bring it with you. That’s why keeping an eye on it is the best answer to safeguard it.

Software Safeguard It

When you plan to bring your laptop as you go on travel, you should always back up every data that you have in it before you leave. You don’t have control of whatever may happen along the way, that’s why you should save all your files on a separate drive. It will ensure you that if something happens, the only thing that you’ll lose is your recent files.

Another thing is, if you’re going to work outside your comfort zone with your laptop, it’s better to encrypt your important files before you leave. Encrypting can be a complex procedure, but it is very useful especially when someone steals your laptop. It will make sure that you’ll only lose your computer but not your data.

Furthermore, if you take necessary precaution, you can always protect your laptop even if it got stolen. By keeping tabs on your computer’s’ location using a software, you can always locate and retrieve it. One of the best examples of this is the Find My Mac software of Apple company. It is a software used to help locate a lost or stolen laptop.

Go for a Suitable Tech-Bag

Since you’re up for a trip, and it is necessary to bring with you your laptop, the best key for you to protect it is to put it in a suitable tech-bag. In this way, you can be sure that your laptop is safe from jolts and bumps when you travel.

In choosing a tech-bag, you should pick a laptop bag that ensures durability and security. Also, choose a well-padded bag that has a travel-friendly feature. In this way, it can be comfortable for you to wear and you won’t have to put it down in every chance you get.

Secure Your Bag With a Cable Lock

Thieves can’t easily cut cable locks. Hence, it can be advantageous especially when you go to public and busy places with your laptops. It can deter a thief that might have interests of the things inside your bag. Also, it is easy for you to open whenever it is needed.

Keep It Clean

Wherever your travel destination may be, it is always a good habit to keep your laptops free of dust and speck of dirt. Dirt and dust can affect the performance of your laptop, it can even damage internal parts, and you might lose your files.

One way to keep your laptop free of dust and grime is to clean it often. So, when you travel pack, you should carry with you your tech-cleaning kit and clean your laptop now and then.


Laptop computers are beneficial for all of us, that is why we need to handle it with extra care. We should always protect it from any possible risk especially when we are traveling. Thus, if we have no idea on how to safeguard our laptops, then the possibility of losing or damaging it is high.

However, the simple but useful tips mentioned above can be a great help for you to protect your laptop even when you go on travel. Also, visiting sites like Luggage Online can be an excellent reference for your tech-protection needs.