Preparing for international car shipping may seem like an overwhelming task for anyone who would like their car transported from one country to another. Luckily, there are measures you can take to simplify the process ahead of time. See our list below of tips you can use to prepare your vehicle for international car shipping.

Preparing the Car

  1. Do some homework and determine the exact weight and dimension of your car before speaking with an international car shipping company. This may lower the cost of the shipping fees for your car.
  2. Make yourself aware of any additional fees your car might incur. Larger than normal cars may be subject to extra charges. This includes SUVs and even cars with non standard upgrades, like spoilers.
  3. Remove all personal items from your car. After determining if your insurance covers music players, GPS systems and the like, remove these items if possible, to save on insurance and reduce the risk of losing an important or expensive valuable.
  4. Do not fill the tank full of gas. When your vehicle is being prepared for your international car shipping, know that a full tank of gas and cost more and present a risk to the shipment.
  5. Keep copies of all essential paperwork associated with the move. If a lien exists, obtain a letter from the lien holder. Get a notarized copy of the car title, and any shipper export declaration forms.
  6. Comparison shop before picking a company that does international car shipping. According to your car’s age, model, classification and destination, the cost of shipping may vary. There is also additional insurance that might be factored in from particular international car shipping companies. Obtain a number of different quotes from reputable businesses.
  7. Schedule Ahead. Make plans for your car to be picked up or dropped off in advance of the expected date of departure. Some international car shippers have designated drop offs and your car may need to be picked up from a specific shipping terminal.
  8. Make sure your international car shipping company is above the board. Taking the time to check on the reputation of your shipping company by obtaining quotes, reading reviews and looking into insurance policies may save you time and aggravation. See if the company is registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.
  9. Depending on the country you are having your car transported to, there may be different things that you are obligated to do, remove or bring. It will be very helpful to look into the stipulations for international car shipping by country.
  10. You will likely need these different types of reports and paperwork: The original title for the car, an inspection report that describes its condition, and a complete valuation form. Note that, as mentioned above, the things you will have to bring or prepare for may be different for a number of countries.

It is good to be prepared for anything, but one should be especially repaired for very involved efforts, like having a car shipped internationally. Following these small tips can turn a potentially stressful task into a series of actionable, easy to do steps.