Once upon a time, Bluetooth technology was just a way to connect wireless earpieces to cellphones to facilitate hands-free conversation. Now it’s a pervasive piece of tech that enables all manner of devices to communicate, exchange data and stream information. Bluetooth technology is used in a wide variety of devices; according to the official Bluetooth website, it’s used in tablets, phones, laptops, televisions, DVRS, heart rate monitors, breathalyzers, cameras and scales. Bluetooth continues to be used in innovative ways across a variety of industries. Here are two of the most impressive innovations in Bluetooth technology from 2014.

Bionym Nymi

This device aims to replace all the passwords and PINs you have stored in your head with a sleek black wristband. Nymi stores your secure personal information and uses your unique electrocardiograph pattern (or ECG) to recognize you as the legitimate user. Your ECG is unique to you and is a highly secure method of user recognition. By simply putting on the wristband and pressing a button, the Nymi recognizes your heartbeat and authenticates your identity until you take it off.

Your personal profile doesn’t only contain password and security information, though—it can contain personal preferences for all manner of devices, meaning that multiple Nymi users can configure a single device to reconfigure to their settings whenever they access or operate it. That means that while wearing a Nymi, you could log into your computer or tablet by just picking it up. You could even unlock your car simply by approaching it.

By using Bluetooth technology, the Nymi can connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device and eliminate the need for passwords and PINs and replace it with a secure and reliable 3-factor secure system. Nymi’s developer, Bionym, is currently looking for developers to create retail recognition options as well as enhanced gaming functions. Considering the fact that the Playstation 4 is Bluetooth-powered, we could be looking at a whole new age in gaming.

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Automatic is an accessory for your automobile that enables your onboard computer to easily communicate with your smartphone’s GPS and data service. Compatible with nearly any gasoline-powered car manufactured in the last 20 years, Automatic plugs directly into the port used by mechanics to access your vehicle’s onboard computer. Once connected, it provides you with feedback on your driving patterns and alerts you to gas-wasting behaviors like abrupt braking, speeding and over acceleration. All this data is sent directly to your smartphone via the Automatic app, so you can view your driving patterns and behaviors in the palm of you hand from the app dashboard.

By reading sudden changes in the accelerometer, Automatic can immediately detect when a vehicle has been in an accident and will notify authorities and emergency services to get you help. It also features a “Do Not Disturb” function that silences your phone while you’re driving, so you stay focused on the road. Distraction.gov reports that 421,000 people were injured in auto accidents involving a distracted driver, and Automatic has the potential to not only improve your driving habits but save lives. Lauded for its compatibility with older car models and its ease of use, Automatic is one of the most interesting new technologies to utilize Bluetooth communications.