Data security is a major concern of modern businesses. Even major corporations find themselves vulnerable to data security and cyber attacks. The primary problem with data security tends to be that those violating the data security of companies often never get caught. By default, consumers and clients have no one else to blame but the company whose data security was breached. In turn, all it takes is a data security breech leaking to the news outlets to ruin a company’s reputation. The following four data security risks demonstrate the greatest pressing threats to your company’s data security.

The Inside Job

The people you hire and entrust with your company’s data may be the greatest risk to your company’s data security. No one would have an easier time of slipping in under the radar than someone who knows your data security system like the back of their hand. Since this problem is so inherently pervasive, it becomes critical for business owners to install additional security measures, along with other checks and balances, in order to closely monitor those who are in charge of handling data security in their company.

Unqualified Data Security Personnel

Not everyone claiming to be an expert in data security will be fit for the job. In fact, the proof that people are not as qualified as they claim is the ease at which companies’ data security measures are being compromised. Attacks on data security have become far more sophisticated than in years past. For this reason, it becomes helpful for employees to require that applicants have an online master’s degree in information assurance.

Way Too Easy Terminal Access

Even with a competent data security specialist on hand, a business can complicate matters by providing employees with too much terminal access to the in-house system. One way to eliminate this common threat is to more tightly restrict employee use of in-house terminals or to tightly restrict their access to specific areas of corporate data when using an in-house terminal.

Malware and Other Hacking Tools

Malware poses one of the greatest threats to modern computer networks while the number of malware threats has exploded. Since this malicious software is usually disguised as something harmless on the surface, a company’s employees may open or introduce it on the company network without even knowing it. For this reason, it is essential to have a strict employee use policy when it concerns downloading outside, executable software on a company’s in-house system.

Data security can be compromised in so many different ways that it becomes next to impossible to stay on top of every avenue. Even if a company is unable to guard against absolutely every data security threat, measures should be taken to guard against the most pressing data security threats. The data breach a company prevents will go a long way towards protecting not only a company’s own proprietary information, but it will also go a long way towards securing the integrity of a company’s client’s personal information.