The 5 Fastest Growing Apps This Year


Wondering which apps are gaining momentum? Learning about today’s quickly-rising apps could help you in developing your own app, as they’ll give you a solid idea of what’s popular and why. Check out some of the current up-and-coming apps to watch for:


A photo-sharing app, Phramed gathers up to five photos per collage, which you are free to share through your favorite social media channels. Hailed as an excellent branding tool, it’s also ideal for real estate agents, as it makes it easy to show off the best parts of a property.

Appi Holidays

This app is designed to help you travel, as it allows you to filter hundreds if not thousands of getaway options until you have only a few to select from. For example, you’ll choose what kind of vacation you want to go on, such as a beach trip, as well as accommodation and attraction requirements. It’s also possible to request kid-friendly options or hotels with late check-outs.


Storehouse makes it easy for businesses to cultivate the heck out of their brands. Photos and videos are blended perfectly to tell a company’s unique story, something that appeals to the humanity in every consumer.


Need to do something about your inbox, and fast? Mailbox is the perfect app for you. It encourages the reading of old emails before they get deleted, and even offers a “snooze” feature that allows you to send messages to the top of your inbox for later reading.

Blue Apron

A food-ordering app that sends weekly boxes of raw ingredients to users, Blue Apron offers quick, easy-to-prepare meals perfect for days when the thought of spending hours in the kitchen exhausts you. And because the food is healthy, you don’t have to worry about the shame that often accompanies typical takeout orders.

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