There is an age old question when it comes to computer buyers in today’s market. “Should I buy a Mac or a PC?” Well, the answer really depends on the individual buyer’s needs. Both computers provide many benefits, and each have their downfalls. They do have their differences though when it comes to usability and user interface. The two brands basically exhibit two different ways of thinking about the same thing. That is not to say that one computer is better than the other. It merely says that they are different machines that may be designed to fit the needs of different consumers. One important thing to consider is that only Apple makes the Mac while many different manufacturers produce PCs.

Creative Types

Those who are using more creative applications for operations like design, photo editing, or music production may be more inclined to buy a Mac. This is because the platform of a Mac is much better suited to run creative software than a PC. There is also a range of quality when it comes to PCs because of the number of different companies that produce them. Those that buy a Mac will experience more consistency when it comes to the quality of their computers because they are all made by Apple.

The Operating Systems

The main difference between the usability of the two computers is the operating system. The operating system of a computer is basically the means by which the computer organizes and controls the different applications available to the user. According to professionals of Local Circuit who specialize in computer repair in Denton, TX, one main difference is that Apple keeps its applications running constantly whether the window is open or not while PCs close the application as soon as the window it is displayed in is closed. There are many small differences like that throughout both operating systems that make them fit the needs of one consumer over another. Before buying it is important to research both operating systems to see which one fits your needs the best.

Simple Tasks

Those that are using their computer merely for simple tasks like recording data, surfing the web, and checking e-mail may be better off with a PC. This is because the power and speed that comes with a Mac computer is not necessary for these tasks. Because many PCs come at a much lower price point and can still perform those tasks perfectly they may be a better fit.


Those that prefer to use their computers to play computer games may be at an advantage with the purchase of a PC. Because PCs take up a much larger market share than Macs, many more video game companies make games for PCs as compared to Macs. This means that gamers will have more options when buying a Mac.

Those are just some of the factors that come in to play when deciding what style of computer to buy. The important thing to be considered when shopping for a new computer is what it is being used for and what the needs of the consumer are. Once that question is answered it will be much easier to select the right computer. It is much easier to compare brands when you consider your financial situation, lifestyle needs, and personal preferences first and make a decision based off of these factors coupled with research you have done about each option.