For businesses today, security is among the highest priorities. Thieves and hackers have gotten smarter, and while technology is working to safeguard against them, advanced technology is simultaneously making it easier for data and assets to be stolen. For many new business owners, a data breach or break-in at the physical location can wipe out the business, and in some cases spend the end of the company altogether. Whether you’ve had security breaches in the past, or you worry about protecting your business in the future, there are some new apps and technology that you will want to look into. Take a look at the best cutting-edge features to keep your business safe from hackers or thieves:

Radware’s Security Solutions

More businesses than ever before are deploying mobile apps for their customers to use. While mobile apps provide a huge boom for business, these applications also open a new door for attackers to gain entry into your business. Radware specializes in delivering secure content for apps developed to allow customers or employees to access certain information. Their unique infrastructure can filter out attacks before they reach your business, which in turn denies malicious individuals from accessing your potentially vulnerable applications.

Smarter Credit Cards

In 2014, several high-profile retailers fell victim to attacks that led to untold billions in damages. Businesses and customers were both hurt by this digital intrusion. New technology aims to prevent this from happening again by introducing smart chips that provide a one-time use code when a credit card is swiped. This consumer-centric step can be applied to your business expense cards to prevent your business from having to foot the bill that a cyber-criminal might impose upon you.

Long-Term Security Options and the Internet of Things

Security technology has consistently maintained a problem that revolves around a lack of precision due to cost. Technology evolves so fast that the security of tomorrow can be outdated before tomorrow even arrives. That’s why security systems are becoming more robust. They’re implementing long-term, high-resolution solutions like better cameras, more accurate biometric scanners and so on.

The hardware involved in facial recognition and other processes quick to evolve are partitioned as a separate component using the Internet of Things. This allows businesses to upgrade one part of their security without replacing it all for more efficient security solutions that may be as simple as updating security software. The professionals at Arpel Security Systems who specialize in alarm systems in Vancouver suggest that you always ensure the security system you are using to protect your company is as up to date as possible. Failing to update features can leave the system vulnerable to thieves, while having the latest technology can safeguard the company.

Integration of Security and Data Storage

Data servers can be considered the most valuable component of a business. They store sensitive data that cyber criminals want. Jericho-style security exists as an improvement that aims to make servers more secure in a business environment by putting security measures nearer to them rather than the rest of the business. This creates more walls and opportunities to stop attackers, which in turn diminishes the chances of attackers managing to access all your business’s information.

Affordability, modularization of security components, new security strategies and robust end-point solutions are just four things that have evolved to protect your business today with technology of tomorrow. As this technology continues to upgrade, so too will your business be able to shield itself from malicious individuals seeking to intrude upon your business physically or digitally.