KandyPens is a brand-name synonymous with the words style, performance, and reliability. KandyPens have been the epitome of modern-day wax pen vaporizers in terms of how they should look, function, and perform. KandyPens boasts a collection of high-quality wax pen vaporizers beating almost every manufacturer playing in this platform.

I’ve heard about KandyPens sometime around 2015 and have learned that they have started their business the year before. Though I did not get my first KandyPens vaporizer till later the year after, I might say it was a decision I was bound to regret.

Why I Regret Buying A KandyPens Vape In 2016

2016 was when the highly acclaimed High Times Magazine recognized and awarded the KandyPens Galaxy with the most prestigious “Best Vaporizer Award.” This got me interested and got me into buying the KandyPens Galaxy. I was told that it was the first wax pen vaporizer to offer three temperature settings, a first in its category, the Galaxy from KandyPens allowed users to easily change the temperature level to meet their requirements and fit the kind of material they’re vaping, as a beginner I didn’t exactly knew what good would variable temperature settings do for a wax consumer. Moreover, I didn’t exactly know what variable temperature settings meant back then. For me, it was a vape slang that sounded really good. So I took one home and told myself the moment I used it “why haven’t I got one a year earlier?”

I regret the decision of not paying attention a year earlier and making the purchase the year later, but never in a single moment did I regret buying my very first KandyPens vaporizer though I still believe I should’ve bought one in back in 2015. I missed one year of not experiencing such perfect vapor in and from such a small device.

I always wanted to vape concentrates but I found using dab rigs a bit daunting and I believed that wax pen vaporizers were a good place to start, and this along with my KandyPens Galaxy vaporizer marked the beginning of my wax pen vaporizer obsession.

In this article, I’m going to list down my top 5 picks for the best KandyPens vaporizers. I will also tell you why and how KandyPens effectively turns their customers into loyal brand ambassador and why I find KandyPens as such a great vaporizer manufacturer.

Let’s begin by listing my first favorite KandyPens vaporizer, the Galaxy.

The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer

Of course, I hold this KandyPens vape close to my heart. The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer uses quartz crystal atomizers that effectively and efficiently vaporizer wax concentrates. Quartz is a pure crystal and can provide users with similarly pure and clean vapors, an important aspect in vaping wax concentrates. Using quartz means that you’re using an inert atomizer component which will not chemically react to heat even after prolonged and extensive exposure. This means that no matter how often you use your KandyPens vaporizer the quality of the vapors that it generates will most likely stay the same.

By using high-quality materials like its quartz crystal atomizers, KandyPens can easily turn anyone into a believer.

The KandyPens Elite

Speaking of making believers KandyPens make good use of the power of media in endorsing and influencing their customers. Arguably one of their most viewed and popular video is the “I’m The One” music video by DJ Khaled where we can also see a hot Justin Bieber together with Quavo of Migos, Chance the Rapper, and weed man rapper Lil Wayne.

This marketing tactic allows KandyPens to present their vaporizers as a lifestyle brand associating their vaporizers with some of the biggest names in the industry like Amber Rose, A$AP Rocky, Boogz Boogetz, Bishop Nehru, Dave East, DJ Esco, FatBoy SSE, Harry Fraud, Leilani Wolfgramm, Maaly Raw, PNB Rock, Reggie Mills, Young M. A. and Zac Man$on.

The KandyPens Elite is seen by many as a status symbol, its sophisticated and elegant design says “I only go for the best things life has to offer” like the artists in the music video singing in front of an elegant backdrop.

Apart from riding the hype train with the biggest names in the industry, KandyPens also get their names and vaporizers featured in some of the most popular online media like Forbes, BuzzFeed, The Source, Rolling Stone, VIBE, Touch of Modern, The Vape Guide.

KandyPens gains superior leverage in the vape industry by capitalizing on the opportunities that involve the modern media, I mean who wouldn’t be turnt to find a connection with the big boys in the industry.

The KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer – Mahogany Collection

KandyPens not only is about being hip and trendy, which shows that KandyPens is focused not only in a particular segment of the vaporizer market but aims to reach everyone, even the posh and ritzy wax and e-juice consumers.

The KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer – Mahogany Collection is aimed directly to that niche with mahogany wood veneers and gold trimmings, this KandyPens vape speaks and spells high-class.

This makes for an effective strategy for KandyPens which allows them to reach out not only to the young and youthful consumers but also to the old and established users. I could totally see my grandfather rocking this vaporizer. The sophisticated wood finish perfectly complements his preppy style.

The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer

The capability to adapt allows a company or an institution to stand the test of time and KandyPens showed just that with the release of the RUBI. They say that the next big thing in vaping and pod-based vaporizers and KandyPens not only innovated but improved upon this platform.

From a closed pod system, KandyPens gave consumers the freedom to refill their cartridges with their favorite e-liquid blends instead of just keeping with the e-liquids sold by the manufacturers. This bold move and innovative approach to a new and somewhat uncharted territory only made KandyPens earn the trust and respect of their customers.

The KandyPens Donuts Vaporizer 

If there’s one thing that I really love about KandyPens vaporizers is that while their products are high in quality they’re also affordable. You can get KandyPens coupons by clicking on this link to get sweet deals on KandyPens vaporizers.

Rarely do I see companies take customers by the neck and convert them into loyal promoters, and KandyPens has done a great job in keeping their customers as advocates.