As you probably know, keeping the attention of the audience in the 21st century is one of the most difficult and sometimes daunting tasks ever. So, why don’t you take advantage of the potential of the applications used for making various presentations on your iPad in your daily work in order to give life to your most creative ideas and make them more interesting for your business partners and customers?

iPad is the perfect device for those of you, who frequently travel for business engagements. The tablet gives you the opportunity to have a quick access to a network, as well as to store some important information and to create presentations. Let’s be honest – an iPad is as good as the applications that are installed on it. However, with more than 275,000 different applications, which can be found in the Apple store and which are created especially for the Apple’s device, it may be quite difficult for you to find all the right applications that can be used during your presentations. Although there are usually many of the best apps for entertainment and productivity uploaded on iPads, they are only a small part of the huge range of the software that is available online.

There are several good programs to create different presentations on your iPad. After all, everybody would prefer using a tabled, which is able to connect to a multimedia projector, rather than carrying a laptop or a notebook around. Here we offer you several applications that will help you create presentations on your iPad.


Keynote is the most famous and frequently used application for making various presentations on iPad. It is designed by Apple especially for its products and helps you to make great presentations with animated and even 3D graphics. The application offers to your attention 12 themes, designed by Apple, which will help you add more “glamour” to your presentations. Of course, sharing the presentations is quite easy, and you can export them as PowerPoint or PDF files.

Besides its own files, Keynote also supports files created on Microsoft PowerPoint. You can also use the application in order to create and edit your presentations, as well as convert some documents to PDF format. However, Keynote is not able to display content from the network, as well as PDF files.

Price: 9.99 dollars

Power Presenter

The application allows you to make presentations of PDF files and web pages. However, its biggest advantage is probably the fact that it gives you the opportunity for virtual painting and “fencing” the important details during the time of your presentation. Although you need and Internet connection for using Power Presenter, the application allows you to use it for displaying any type of presentation, including HTML and RTF files, as well as PowerPoint, Word and iWork documents.

Price: 1.99 dollars

QuickOffice Pro HD

QuickOffice Pro HD is a complete office package suitable for managing different types of documents, as well as a great application that allows you to create various presentations. The application also allows you to connect to a VGA port, which on the other hand gives you a better opportunity when making presentations in front of a large audience.

Price: 14.99 dollars


SlideShark is well-known for the fact that it won the Tabby Award for 2012. This business award was given for the first time in the end of 2012 during the TabletBiz Conference and Expo event in New York, which is completely dedicated to the tablet industry. The application allows you to share PowerPoint presentations and watch them online on directly on your iPad with all the animations, fonts and graphics you have used.

Price: Free


The application covers all the features of Microsoft PowerPoint plus a few extra features. You can even use your iPhone as a remote control and you can also open files created on the Keynote application.

Price: 4.99 dollars