There are plenty of up and coming publishers out there, and they need to know what kind of software would fit their needs the best. Depending on their choice, they will have either an easy time editing and working on their given assignments, or they will toil just browsing the help menus, trying to find how to work with some of the software’s functions. Here is some advice and some options for some of the best publishing software you can currently find.

When looking for good software, you need to know whether it is user-friendly. Never buy something you have never used or seen. If you want to try out a programme, first test it out. Ask for a sample, or go to YouTube, or any other video site where you can find a clip with somebody working with the software. If you cannot follow what is happening, that software is not for you. Yes, using a certain software is an acquired skill, and sometimes you need to get used to it before it becomes helpful. But if you are running a company that depends on the efficiency and efficacy of your software, you have no time to research it and need to find something that works right now. User-friendly publishing software with an adequate interface is not that hard to find. Here are some suggestions that could make your life as a publisher much easier.


PrintMaster is a very handy software for publishers that goes with just about every need one may have for any occasion. It has plenty of options to format text and pages, and could help you fit any image within the margins of your file. It has so many Clip Art images it could make your head spin (over 150,000!) and offers royalty free images for commercial use for those without imagination. If you are unsure about what kind of template to use, you can always use one of the over 4,000 templates made by professional designers.

Print Artist®

Print Artist® is an easy to use programme not only for the office, but for the family as well. You do not have to be a professional publisher to use it, simply buy it and browse a bit until you get the hang of it. It offers its own templates, over 200,000 amazing graphics, over 700 fonts, drawing customization tools, and more. No task is too daunting when you feel at ease when using a certain software, and Print Artist gives you the opportunity to learn to use it quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Publisher

And last, but not least in this list of eloquent suggestions, Microsoft Publisher is among the goliaths of softwares, giving you all the options of any other publishing software and more. It has an astounding number of professionally designed templates for any occasion – novels, coloring books, blogs, calendars, gift cards, flyers, etc. It offers a rich choice of fonts, and a huge amount of Clip Art and graphics. It can help you with photo printing, and has a variety of effects to keep you interested in future projects.

These are just some of the few publishing software truly worth your time. Do not hesitate to obtain them today and see how they can enrich your work.