How we choose to style our hair every day probably depends on a couple of different factors: our mood, how much time we have, the weather, and the occasion. But regardless of the circumstances, it’s always good to have some new ideas to implement into your hairstyle rotation. Thankfully, the new year has brought with it a wide array of hairstyle inspiration fit for any aesthetic, from the cool, messy hair comeback to retro hair accessories. Here is a list of some of the biggest hairstyle trends that will rule 2020:

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends That Will Rule 2020 1

Bright and vivid shades

Although some would argue that brightly colored hair was always a popular choice, at least among the alternative youth, it seems like all of our favorite fashionistas and influencers are opting for bold hues in their hair come spring and summer. From deeper, sea blue shades to brighter, rose-pink hues, daring hair colors are all the rage this year. If you want to try out this statement-making look, but you’re not quite ready to go to the salon and completely transform your appearance, you can always use a semi-permanent tint, and give this fun color trend a go.

Rounded afros

Curly-haired girls will be glad to know that 2020 is all about embracing your natural texture, keeping it voluminous, bouncy and full of life. Trimming your curls and coils into the roundest shape possible keeps your hair healthy and shiny, while making a strong statement and a big impact. As the rounded ‘fro focuses on enhancing your hair texture and framing your face, it might also be a good idea to add a bit of fringe to this impactful hairstyle, making for a trendier and more modern look.

Voluminous ponytails

Instead of the overly gelled, slicked back hair gathered into a low ponytail that we’ve been seeing all over the red carpets last year, 2020 is all about sleek, yet still more natural, mid-level ponytails slightly curled at the ends. Giving you a delicate ‘50s vibe, this hairstyle is incredibly easy to make, and a perfect option for almost any occasion, from casual date nights to important job interviews. However, as this bouncy ponytail requires a lot of volume and thickness to recreate, it might be a good idea to opt for quality clip in hair extensions if you have fine or short hair, to give you that fullness you need to make the perfect ponytail.

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends That Will Rule 2020 2

Tousled beach waves

The messy bedhead, ‘I woke up like this’ look is back, only this time in a more softly tousled manner. Imperfect and unpolished, but purposefully so, this hairstyle gives off a casual and carefree vibe that’s ideal for the warmer months. Depending on your hair type, you can achieve this look by simply leaving it to air dry and rumpling it up with your hands to add a bit of frizz, or even by using a flat iron to create subtle waves for that messy yet cool look. Simply think about recreating your favorite vacation hairstyle, when the humid air adds just the right amount of fuzz, while the salty water creates those dreamy waves.

Messy yet classy buns

A trend that keeps reemerging every couple of years, messy topknots and loose low buns are making another comeback this year, but this time with an added twist. Whether it’s a satin headband over the head or a silk scrunchie or small scarf tied around the bun, this hairstyle has got a sleeker and more stylish upgrade this season. In combination with a few strategically pulled out strands to beautifully frame the face, messy has truly become the new chic in 2020.

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends That Will Rule 2020 3

Vintage accessories

Apart from sleek scrunchies and bands, one of the biggest trends for 2020 are ornate, jeweled hair accessories. From crystallized headbands to shimmering barrettes and jeweled hair pins, there’s something about vintage accessories that simply oozes timeless elegance and style. Whether they’re adorning loose waves or simply tucked in under a sleek bun, retro hair accessories can take any hairstyle to the next level. Classically fashionable and undoubtedly sexy, these beautiful accessories are a trend you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2020.

If you wanted to switch up your look this year, don’t be afraid to experiment and get inspired by some of these incredible hairstyle trends you’ll be seeing all year long.