Cloud computing is one of the biggest technological advances of the past decade. It has provided businesses and individuals with a new way to store data and perform many other crucial tasks. However, even though it has been around for a while, cloud computing is far from being totally perfected. There are various issues with it that have still not been complete fixed, making some businesses think twice about using this technology.


Security is, by far, the biggest concern for everyone who uses cloud-based technology. The recent stories of celebrities having personal photos hacked and illegally distributed online has only heightened this concern, especially since many of those photos were stored in the cloud that was supposedly secure. There are stories about identity theft, corporate espionage and other forms of hacking in the news every day. The fact of the matter is many people are still not completely convinced that cloud computing is really as safe and secure as people in the industry would have all of us believe. Data protection is more important than ever before. Until confidence grows in its ability to protect sensitive data, there will be those who avoid using the cloud.

Uptime and Performance

Uptime and performance are directly related to a company’s bottom line—as the old saying goes, “Time is money”. If a site is slow to load, it can cause people to leave the site and spend their money elsewhere. If a site is shut down completely for even five minutes, it will have an impact on much more than the site’s bottom line. It will hurt the reputation of the site and set back SEO efforts. According to Elise Hopkins, who holds an online MBA in Information Systems, IT managers are concerned about the loss of revenue that may result from problems with cloud services. The damage to their site’s brand because of poor performance is making many people nervous about throwing all of their eggs into the cloud basket.


Connecting existing applications to cloud applications can often be a complex and expensive process. A cost effective, fast and easy way to integrate cloud technology needs to be developed before many businesses are willing to commit to it.

Despite these issues, it seems apparent that cloud computing is here to stay. Many companies are already using cloud computing extensively, even with the many concerns that surround it. The good news is that work is being done to solve the problems of the cloud. While it may never be perfect, there is no doubt it will improve.