You basically need torrent downloaders in order to access and eventually download torrent files. If you’re familiar with peer to peer file sharing tools such as the original Napster then you at least have some sort of idea what a torrent is and how files are shared and accessed. You can say that torrents have taken up what Napster has begun and moved it forward.

What in the World is a Torrent?

Torrents or torrent files are the building blocks of a popular file sharing and file distribution network or system known as BitTorrent. This system allows users to share large files with anyone who is part of the network. The transfer rates of such files range from slow to very high speeds. The download speeds will depend on the number of people who are actually seeding or sharing the files to other people in the network.

Special Software

Just like the original peer to peer file sharing concept, users are required to download and use client software applications known as torrent downloaders or torrent downloading software. Users can’t access the shared files, share them to others, or even download them without the use of the said client software.

How to Find Torrent Files

Torrent files aren’t that hard to find. They are not secret files that only an elite group of people can find and use. They’re practically all over the Internet – you just need to know where to search. To find the torrent files, you basically need either a torrent search engine or a torrent site on the web.

A torrent site is simply a website that hosts these files or contains links where users can download the said files. Just remember to be careful when visiting such sites since a good number of such sites aren’t really safe. On the other hand, another resource that users can use is called a torrent search engine. It works pretty much like a regular search engine like Google. The only difference is that these search engines only scour the web for torrent files.

Once you find a torrent file that you like, be it a video, eBook, or other large file that is worth sharing with the world, you need to open it using your torrent client. Your torrent client will then locate other users who are sharing the files that you want to download and it will download the files or parts of the files automatically. The client software manages your downloads for you so you don’t have to fuss about the details.

Best Torrent Downloading Software

There are a lot of torrent downloaders out there but here are a few that will surely work very well. They’re the best ones out there so far until of course some new kickass torrent downloading client comes along and outdoes the top brass on this list.

  1. U-Torrent

    To date, u-Torrent (also spelled as uTorrent) is the most popular torrent client out there. It’s actually just a small application but it packs all the tools that any user will ever need to mess around with torrents. Note that it only requires one megabyte of space from your hard drive. It’s an efficient little program that doesn’t even make a major impact on your computer’s performance, which is the reason why it is so popular.

  2. Tixati

    Tixati is the torrent client for more advanced users. If you like to mess around with minute details like PEX, magnet links, and DHT swarming then this is the client software for you. For beginners and those who are not so keen on such technical specifics then you ought to steer clear of using this client software.

  3. Transmission BitTorrent

    Who says torrent downloading software is only open to Windows users. Well, for Linux and Mac users interested in using torrents, this is the client software that is most compatible with these operating systems.

  4. Vuze

    This is also one of the more popular torrent downloading software applications out there. This software program is actually loaded with a truckload of features – most of which remain unused by the plethora of torrent users in the world. If you like software that looks good on your screen and has neat features that you can brag about then you should get this one.

Finding the Software that You Need:

Most torrent users start with uTorrent or Vuze. As you get more experience you can then shift to the more complicated clients out there. The important thing here is to use the torrent downloaders that suit your current needs.