As vehicles get faster and more sophisticated so do the risks associated with using them get bigger and more numerous. The first and best line of defence when it comes to keeping the road safe is laws and regulations. These are numerous and their number is constantly expanding to meet the increasing speeds and distractions one has to navigate through while on the road. Plenty of us commit offences without even realising it. It is only when we finally see those red and blues flashing behind us do we even bother to ask ourselves what did we do wrong? Plenty of infractions are clear to everyone to be against the law while others are not so obvious or as strongly enforced. Here are some of the most common offences one can commit while on the road.

1.Excessive speed

Speeding is one of the most common road infractions. All of us have been found guilty of it at one point in our lives or another. Many might not think that speeding is a very serious offence but nothing can be further from the truth. Speed limits are there for a reason and are not arbitrary. Rather, they are calculated in a scientific manner in order to provide the best security for all participants involved. That goes for drivers and pedestrians alike. The ugly truth is that about a quarter of road-related deaths is caused by speeding. Speed limits give us the necessary time and road to put our vehicle to a halt in order to avoid an accident. Increasing the speed above what is allowed reduces our ability to react and increases the stopping length that we would require. This means that even going a couple of percentages over the speed limit can have dramatic effects further down the road.

2. DUI

Traffic Offences

We all know how drunk driving can be very dangerous for both ourselves and others. The fact still remains that there are plenty of drunk driving offences every day and these cause a massive number of road incidents. Alcohol has the ability to dull our senses, reduce our reaction times, and inhibit our judgement. One can see how potentially catastrophic it can be when we combine that with driving. The allowed amount of alcohol a bloodstream varies from place to place, so it is best to consult professional criminal and traffic offence lawyers for further, exact information. DUI is not limited solely to alcohol. Drugs, both recreational and illegal, are an obvious no-no, that much is obvious. What might not be obvious are the prescription drugs we got from our doctor. Some of them might have inhibitory properties and substances in them. These traits act like alcohol or drugs in terms of rendering us unable to drive efficiently and diligently. These medications always have clear warning labels on them informing us of potential side effects that relate to impaired motor functions. Many fail to register these warnings with potentially dire consequences.

3. Distractions

One of the most ubiquitous distractions in this modern era are our mobile companions. People are aware of the dangers that using mobile devices such as phones and tablets pose, but still, often choose to do so. Millions of drivers are caught every day for doing exactly that. Penalties are getting stricter and stricter in order to proactively reduce this number. There are alternatives in form handsfree devices. These are everywhere, inexpensive and most importantly, legal (in most places). Wireless earphones with mics in them do not take away an entire hand from us, but rather we can keep both of them on the wheel.

No matter if we have done something wrong or not, it is our duty as drivers to know the law and our rights.  These are the basics that will help start our research into the ever-increasing world of laws relating to the open road.

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