If you’re looking for a brand of gaming PC that’s already a household name for all gamers then just say Alienware and you know you’re in good company. Their computer towers are known for the distinct blinking lights and absolutely black hues. That’s the alien effect that sometimes gives you the goose bumps while you’re setting up your newly delivered unit.

You practically get the same experience when you receive one of their brand new gaming laptops. You just can’t help but be impressed with the overall package. If you want to know the real deal with these gaming computers then it will be better to look at their latest offerings.

Looking into Alienware X51

The Real Deal on Alienware: Next Gen Gaming Desktops and Laptops 1

Welcome to Area 51. Well, that’s not exactly what you will hear when the delivery man brings your new X51 gaming PC to your door. Comparing this new model, you’ll notice that it’s no longer black nor does it flash those garish lights. In fact, the old black box look is now out and small and compact is the new theme of this gamer’s favorite.

In spite of its size, this is still a beast of a computer once you start to use it. The specs are quite alright but you will be impressed once you start playing it. The X51 is equipped with a total RAM of 8GB. It also has an Intel Core i5-2320 3GHz. When it comes to graphics card options, it is outfitted with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 555. In terms of storage, customers will be treated to a 1TB hard drive.

If you don’t find the specs that impressive, just check out how this little guy performs when it’s benchmarked. It practically became the number one PC among the many budget desktops being sold in the market. That was after it scored 147 in the PCWorld’s WorldBench 6 test suite. After showing what it has under the hood, all the competing performance desktops had to do their homework if they wanted to catch up.

You can say that Alienware sort of toned things down with the new X51. Its benchmark results were pretty good but it’s not as impressive as their other previous models. You can say that it is the best of all the performance PC’s out there and it can take that sector of the market by force if it has to.

The only downside is the case, which is rather small and offers a lot less legroom for any upgrades you might want to add to this desktop PC. At least in case you want to add a solid state drive you can easily open the case and replace the original HDD that was installed there.

Previewing Alienware M17x


Of course, other than offering gaming computers for those who have a bit of a budget issue, they have also come up with models that espouse the an Intel Ivy Bridge quad-core chip. If you’re looking for gaming PC options along this line then you’re in luck. You can check out some great offerings which include their M14x, M18x, M17x R4.

The M17x is your best bet so far if you’re looking for a gaming laptop that will take on any game you want to play. Looking at the exterior, this gaming laptop still sports the usual looks that everyone is familiar with. The screen is a huge giant which measures 17.3 inches; that easily rivals the screen size of any gaming desktop you can think of.

The graphic options for this new gaming laptop include the ones from top brands such as AMD and Nvidia. But the company doesn’t stop pampering customers there – which is really typical of them by the way. In case you lean more toward seeing HD on your screen then you can opt for a Full HD display.

Of course, that is not the only customizable option that the company allows. In case you have any particular gaming needs that you want to be addressed then they can configure the entire set up according to your specifications.

However, do take note that every good thing you request comes at a price. Prices for these gaming laptops usually start at $1,000 and it will only go up from there. Some customers have come to the point where they maxed out their credit cards after customizing their own Alienware set up.