The C++ Institute and its aim

The C++ Institute with the collaboration of Pearson VUE is providing a very strong basis of learning for the two main important programming languages i.e. the C programming language and the C++ programing language. Both these programming languages are immensely popular among the big enterprise networks and they are also extensively utilized in different projects of different nature. The C++ Institute only focuses on these two languages as they are crucial for the potential coders and programmers. From the very basic level to the very advanced level, the Institute provides complete learning and practical knowledge of these two core languages. The most professional set of exams has been formulated by the Institute for providing the best outcomes regarding the C and C++ Languages.

C++ Institute Certification Program

For Better career  in 2014 the Institute has offered two certification paths and program regarding the C and C++ languages. Now, for both these languages, the institute is offering three levels i.e. the advanced level, the senior level and the expert level. Following are the details of the certification paths:

The C programming paths

  • C programming Language Certified Associate—CLA
  • C Certified Professional Programmer—CLP
  • C Certified Senior Programmer—CLS

The C++ programming paths

  • C++Certified Associate Programmer—CPA
  • C++ Certified Professional Programmer—CPP
  • C++ certified Senior Programmer—CPS

All these above mentioned certification oaths have been offered to the programmers and professionals who want to develop a secure and rewarding career in the IT industry by exhibiting the practical skills for developing and using the C and C++ programming languages in differed job roles. Today, the basis of most of the programs and software is the C or C++ language. Certification in such programs can proof very fruitful for the IT professionals, as they can provide strong validation to their skills. It is recommended to follow the certification path as offered by the C++ Institute. In this way the individuals can have more exposure to the basic level form the advanced level of C and C++ programming languages and their practical application in the software. For each of the above mentioned certification, candidates have to pass the certification exam, which is administered by the Pearson VUE.

Preparation options for the certifying exams

There are three main preparation options for the candidates who want to take any of the certification program offered by C++ Institute:

  • The Institute is offering C++ academy for the preparation of all the certifying exams for both the programming languages. Candidates can register themselves with the C++ academy.
  • The candidates can also register themselves for the self-learning training courses that are being offered to them by Selftest Training.
  • The last option is the study. Candidates can study for these certifying exams of their own through books or any other resources.

Pricing of the certifying exams

The price for each of the exam in the programming certification is $295. Also for the educators and the schools, the e-learning courses are totally free of cost. This is done in order to encourage the professionals to take these valuable certification programs and build a promising career.

Scheduling of the certification exams

The candidates can schedule their exams with the Pearson VUE, which is working with more than 5,000 testing centers. Candidates can locate their nearest testing center and schedule their exam, online, through phone or schedule through test center.