“Selling stuff is easy. All you got to do is give away stuff that makes people happy…and then sell stuff that makes them even happier.” – Frank Kern

Back in the day, selling your secondhand and used belongings was quite a feat.

Unless you had a physical store already in place, setting it up required weeks of prior notice and the only way to do it was either through a garage or yard sale, otherwise, you would have to word of mouth or go door-to-door in your endeavors in making a sale. It all seemed like a lot of work just to earn a few extra bucks. Fortunately, the wonderful world of all things online has paved the way for consumers to purchase items from the internet and for sellers to sell their used things online.

Indeed, the internet has provided an innovative approach to earning money through the potentially lucrative avenue of online selling. This is pretty nifty for individuals who wish to save up some extra cash just in time for the holidays, for an emergency fund or just about anything at all. However, online selling requires a bit more of a process than just setting up your desktop and wiring it to the internet. In this regard, you cannot immediately expect prospective buyers to come inquiring about your product right away. Much like how there are productivity apps for salespeople, there are also apps centered and developed solely for online selling. With these apps installed on your smartphone, you can sell your stuff from wherever you are and keep tabs on inquiries and product listings even when you are on the go. So, if you have a lot of extra stuff you are looking to get rid of for spare cash, take a gander at these smartphone and desktop Apps you should definitely give a try:

1.)    Poshmark

Known as one of the pioneering online platforms that allow its users to resell their old items, Poshmark has capitalized itself on being a free application that allows users to post their new or old clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. Users are allowed to set the price parameters while including the descriptions along with the photos. Users would then message you to either haggle or buy and then, you mail it to them at Poshmark’s expense. Poshmark takes a small commission that depends on the size of the transaction.

2.)    LetGo

Letgo is an online selling platform that allows users to sell anything from appliances to toys. However, unlike Poshmark, LetGo is a location-specific app in which the scope of your potential customers is limited only to those within your general proximity. Moreover, you can set the visibility parameters of your items based on the distance from your location—which makes members feel safe and assured when it comes to meetups. Login is used via Facebook access as it connects to your Facebook profile from which your profile photo is then imported. In this regard, other users would deem you trustworthy enough to do business with.

3.)    5miles

Pretty much like LetGo, 5miles is a location-based online selling app that searches for potential buyers and sellers only within their specific scope of area. Services are free with no commissions taken and can be used to sell for just about anything. It even extends its listings beyond material possessions and has real estate listings as well and has now expanded to include services, job searches and more. Another unique feature of this app is that it allows you to record your descriptions instead of typing them out. The app keeps your information secure while you connect in all the ways you would and should with your smartphone. So now, you can sell freely without worrying about compromising your security.

4.)    Cash4Books

If you are a self-confessed book nerd or lover, you are going to love the Cash4Books online selling app. The designated moniker of the app practically gives away what its intended use is for which is specifically for the sale and purchase of books. The app was primarily developed for the sale of textbooks but has now expanded to include standard books as well. While the app may seem incredibly specific and would constrain you to sell only books, it can be incredibly useful to individuals who have just recently graduated and no longer have any use for their books. All they would really need to do is scan the barcode of the book using the app and make a list of all the books you intend to sell. From there, you print a pre-paid shipping label, ship your books out then earn your money back through PayPal or a check.