Almost everyone has a smart phone these days. However, far fewer have a “Smart Home.” A smart home integrates technology into a house to allow the owner to control different features through the use of smart phone apps. There are many possibilities for using this technology to make the lives of you and your family easier. Below are ten reasons why you should upgrade your home into a smart home

 1. It Can Improve Your Home’s Security Surveillance

Integrating smart home technology into your home’s security system can have great benefits. You can check on live video feeds form security cameras from a smart phone or tablet even when you’re away from home.

2. It Can Automate Your Home

You can certainly have a home automation system installed in your house. Your heating, air conditioning, lighting, water irrigation system and more can all be automated so they only run when you need them to.

3. You Can Use a Remote Control for Your House

Controlling a smart home is not limited to smart phones and tablets. You can also use a remote control like device specifically designed to change the settings of everything in your home including the thermostat, entertainment system, lighting, door locks and more.

4. It Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Being able to control things like your thermostat and lighting remotely can help insure you are not wasting electricity. When you’re not home, you can check to make sure everything is switched off or set to low settings. If it isn’t, you can use the app to make adjustments. You can also program your system so the heating, air conditioning and lighting only run when needed.

5. It Can Prevent Break-Ins

There are many great security features in addition to improved surveillance. You can also use a smart home app to lock your doors when you’re not home. If a break-in attempt is made, the smart home system will immediately notify the authorities.

6. It Can Help You Conserve Water

Your home’s water irrigation system can also be integrated into your smart home control system. This can allow you to only run the sprinklers when your lawn actually needs it. If it’s too cool or it has just rained, the sprinklers won’t run.

7. It Can Increase Your Comfort

Being able to control your home through a smart phone, tablet or remote control means being able to adjust settings with ease to increase your comfort. If it’s too cold, a few clicks will allow you raise the temperature in your home to where you want it.

8. It Can Help You Save Money

While it may cost some money to install, a smart home system can help you save money in the long term. Since you will be able to better control your home’s energy and water use, your utility bills could decrease substantially.

9. It Can Help You Parent

One difficult part of parenting is trying to enforce strict bedtimes. A smart home system can make this easy. You can use it to check if the TV or lighting is running in your children’s rooms and turn them off with the app if needed.

10. It Makes Your Entire Home into an Entertainment System

Using smart home technology with your entertainment system can mean being able to move to different rooms and continue watching the same movies and shows on different TVs with basically no effort. You can also do the same thing with your music by taking it with you to different rooms in your house with a smart audio system.

Overall, a smart home gives you far more control over your home than has ever been possible before. There are plenty of reasons why you and your family could benefit from the upgrade.