Kratom, the leaf of the Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom tree, has been used medicinally in its natural form for centuries. The leaves have been used by Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia for both their stimulant and calming effect at different doses. They were officially introduced to Western medicine in the 19th century by ethnobotanists. In countries like Thailand, kratom leaves are traditionally chewed immediately after picked and removing the central vein. Since kratom leaves are not particularly palatable, Westerners typically ingest kratom in other ways like drying the leaves to use for tea, crush into a powder, or boil down into an extract. Many people with a stronger tolerance to kratom are purchasing a new, “super strain” of kratom, maeng da kratom, which means “Pimp’s Grade.” Maeng da kratom is the strongest “raw” form of kratom available.

Natural Leaf Kratom Effects Help Reduce Pain and the Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal and Depression:

kratomleafKratom is a prized herbal remedy in North America and Europe because of its ability to reduce pain and help ease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and depression. In its natural leaf form, kratom is considered to be a relatively stable drug with few possible side effects. Potential side effects may include nausea, loss of appetite and dry mouth but are reportedly rare. The long-term effects of kratom have not received extensive scientific investigation but may include insomnia, weight loss, and dependency. Kratom has different effects at different dosages; smaller amounts of kratom produce a stimulating effect that make the mind and body more alert. Many people experiencing opiate withdrawal, however, may find kratom’s stimulant properties to be anxiety-provoking. Most people that use kratom to aid opiate withdrawal or alleviate pain opt for higher doses of the herbal remedy which produces a sedating, euphoric effect. Like regular kratom, maeng da kratom is also a stimulant and depressant, but it contains more mitragynine, one of the primary active ingredients.

Maeng da Kratom is the Strongest Form of “Raw” Leaf Kratom on the Market:

Maeng da kratom is a new strain that is stronger than regular kratom because it contains more mitragynine, which is one of the primary active ingredients or alkaloids responsible for reducing pain. Maeng da kratom is imported in the form of crushed leaves and can be purchased the same way or as a powder. Little is known about this new strain of kratom and it appears that the only way for a person to develop a preference is to try it.