So, your thinking of obtaining a replacement cellular phone, however there are such a large amount of decisions and your are simply undecided what to get? Well, there are much stuff you will do to minimize that confusion and permit you to own a neater time of creating a alternative. There’s far more than simply worth to think about once selecting a replacement cellular phone and you have got to make sure it’s what you would like before you complete the acquisition.

Don’t get too sucked into the appearance and simply try and specialize in what the cellular phone needs to give you. If the cellular phone appearance smart, however does not give you something then it isn’t price shopping for within the initial place. Truth be told, the cellular phone can be the ugliest issue on the world, however if it will everything well and will all you would like it to that will not matter an excessive amount of however it

Focus on your prime options

When it involves selecting your phone, choose the highest 2 or 3 options you cannot live while not, and specialize in finding a telephone set that provides them. Otherwise, you will be baby-faced with a stunning array of alternative.

If you like to require photos and surf the online on your telephone set, seek for a phone that incorporates a smart lens and a prime browser. Or, if poor battery life may be a bugbear, take into account a phone with a smaller screen and a slower processor to stay the facility drain under control.

Don’t be swept up within the promotion, either. A replacement top-of-the-range phone might have all the most recent bells and whistles; however does one extremely have area in your life for a 5-inch screen, a Facebook button and glasses-free 3D? Do not be afraid to mention ‘no’ to options you will ne’er use.

We advocate craving for easy use, speed and a decent app store, which is able to create your phone a lot of versatile, thus it will become specifically what you would like

Operating system

Operating systems are a lot of and a lot of relevant for smartphone shoppers. That’s not simply because the OS determines however simple it’s to use your phone’s basic functions (though that’s a part of it), however conjointly as a result of the OS determines that add-on apps you’ll be ready to use (see below for a lot of on that).

Apple, Google and Microsoft have free polished, full-featured OSes within the style of iOS, Android and Windows Phone seven. Apple and Microsoft have centered on uniformity in appearance and practicality with their OSes, whereas Google is a lot of capitalist with Android. In use, this suggests the design and basic functions of iOS and Windows Phone seven handsets are identical across a family of devices, whereas individual Android phones just like the Nexus a pair of and therefore the Droid professional sport entirely completely different layouts and menus (called ‘skins’).

Some shoppers have found the variations between Android’s varied skins confusing, thus certify to analysis whether or not your carrier really offers the correct hardware/skin combination you favor.

Much like Apple and Microsoft, Nokia’s overhauled Symbian^3 and RIM’s Blackberry half-dozen are noteworthy “uniform” OSes, though in use we’ve found them less polished and easy than Android and iOS.


Practically each convenience doubles as associate degree MP3 player and photographic camera currently. In checking out a phone, take into account the transmission capabilities you’d like crammed in. For the richest expertise, we recommend a telephone set with 5 or a lot of megapixels that’s capable of recording 720p video. As so much as memory, we’ve found that sixteen GB or a lot of may be a smart begin for storing a modest serving two of music, video and apps. Remember, the lot of transmission chops your phone sports, the less convenience muddle you have got to stress concerning dragging in conjunction with you in the slightest degree times.

App stores

Want to remodel your phone into a vice system, nightlight or pedometer? Then you would like access to downloadable apps. Phones running software system from Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM and Nokia all provide choices. Tread fastidiously, though: Not all apps are created equal. Apple’s app store has way more choice than any others, with quite three hundred, 000 apps. The Android store isn’t any. 2 with 70,000. Laxer oversight within the Android Market implies that apps offered there that Apple has prohibited in its own store — however it also suggests that Android apps will typically be less polished and a lot of buggy.

While choice isn’t everything (do you actually want forty two completely different “pull my finger””apps?), it will create a difference: The lot of apps a store has, the lot of probably it’s to hold what you would like.


Newer, quicker alternatives to ancient GPS have turned smartphones into navigation powerhouses. Although navigation services like motor-assisted GPS, or A-GPS, (which uses cell-tower triangulation and Wi-Fi hotspot knowledge to supplement signals from GPS satellites for a lot of precise positioning) have become the norm, their reliance on wireless coverage is a little of a crutch in remote areas.

If wireless coverage isn’t a problem, then pampering in associate degree A-GPS-powered telephone set and every one of its location-based services (Foursquare anyone?) may be a sensible choice. However, if you pay lots of your time off the grid, we have a tendency to wouldn’t advocate ditching a daily previous satellite-pinging GPS unit for a smartphone.