A Hearing Loss is a complete decline in a person’s ability to hear sound from one ear or both ears. The Hearing Loss is also called as Hearing Impairment or Deafness. Nowadays, It is the biggest problem found in every community. 10 to 5 people are affected by the Hearing Loss.

So, The Knowledge of the Hearing Loss is compulsory for everyone. Normally, we experience some normal sound in daily life like as TV sound, Radio sound, Hair Dryer sound, and the Traffic sound.

We listen these sound every day and ignore it. While we don’t know that these sounds are more dangerous to our health or hearing. So here, I want to tell you about the top ways which are major role play in protecting your ears from the Hearing Loss.

There are so important ways which can protect your ears from the Hearing loss. These ways are as listed below:

Take care when listening to the music

Listening to the music with the loudness, That is the most effective fact for the Hearing Loss. So there are some effective reasons which can adopt for prevention the Hearing loss as listed below:

  • The uses of noise-canceling earphones or headphones
  • Listening to the music at low volume or sufficient volume that your ear can hear comfortably
  • Don’t use earphone for a long period of time
  • Don’t listen to the music above the volume of 60%

Above these are some important reasons. With the help of these, we can protect our ears from the Hearing Loss.

To Avoid the Loud Noises

The Loud noise is also major reason for the induced the Hearing Loss. The loud noises are as listed below:

  • Whispering 30 dB
  • Conversation 60 dB
  • Busy Traffic 70 to 85 dB
  • Motorbike 90 dB
  • Listening to the music on full volume through the Headphone 110 dB
  • Plane taking off 120 dB

Above these are some loud noises describe as in the form of reading. To avoid these types of noises and making the healthy hearing.

Take Precaution at the Work

There are so many types of precautions that we can use and make the safety of the ears as listed below:

  • Using the hearing protection such as ear muffs or ear plugs
  • Switching the quieter equipment if it is possible
  • Making sure you are not in explode area for a long period of time

So these are some important facts which remind at the workplace. Using these types of things that we can prevent the hearing loss problems.

Protect your Hearing during the loud events and activities

There are so many loud events and activities like as Nightclubs, Sports events etc. The main reasons are as listed below:

  • Try to take a break from noise place in every 15 minutes
  • Move away from the loud noise sources like as Loudspeakers
  • Give your hearing rest after the loud noise in 15 to 18 hours
  • Consider wearing the earplugs at the loud noise area

So these are above some important reasons that we can use during the loud noisy place.

Get your Hearing Tested

This is the most important way to prevent the hearing loss. Because hearing loss is not a big disease If it identifies the starting. How can identify the hearing loss? The hearing loss can be identified with use of hearing test at that right time.

Ask your Physician for the testing of hearing at the same period of time. Due to this, If you have the hearing related problem then it’s treated immediately. Taking an action against the hearing loss immediately because without hearing, the life will be boring and funless.

So the hearing test is major role play in the prevention of hearing loss.