Perhaps the most crucial element to any business is branding. Branding creates the look and feel of the company, and it’s what brings paying customers back over and over again. The branding of your company should be carefully considered. Here are three questions you should answer when deciding on company branding.

Who is your company’s audience?

Your company’s products are probably targeted to a certain group of people. Know who these people are. Who will be most interested in your company? Young adults or parents? Students or moms? If you know who you are aiming to please, you will be able to do so much more efficiently. You’ll be able to use strategic advertising through channels such as Facebook and Google that are tailored to your target audience. Ultimately, engaging your audience will bring customers to you faster.

What is your company’s vibe?

A crucial part of a company’s branding is its vibe, which is the overall “feel” or theme. The vibe lets people know what your company is all about. Is your company casual or formal? Serious or fun? Decide in the initial stages of business planning what you want to convey to customers. Remember, the way you make people feel is often their first impression. If you make the right first impression, you’ll be in the company of many loyal customers.

What’s the value of visual appeal?

Choosing your company’s logo is a huge deal, and it can be quite stressful. The weight of choosing the “right” logo falls on nearly every business owner. Be careful when choosing the right image for your company. Choosing a logo that is too contemporary might drive certain people away. For instance, a very contemporary logo might not be attractive to older people. Cater to your target audience. Also, consider where you are advertising and how your logo will appear. Are you placing your logo on business cards or billboards? Will your logo appear on your business’ personal checks and stationary? Consider the reach of your logo and who will be seeing it. Choose a logo that reflects your business appropriately, without being confusing or too detailed.

Company branding creates the face of your business and products. While there is the option to change elements of your branding at a later time, it is far more cost and time efficient to hit it out of the park in the beginning.