When women reach the age of 40, they tend to get a lot of doubts and uncertainties about how they should apply their makeup, how they should dress, and how others will appreciate them. Of course, the balance is not that easy because they do not want to seem too old, but not also too young.

Forty is a great age. Do you want to know why? It is because you still have the elegance and the sophistication of your age, and the charm of the youth. Meaning, if you are a woman over 40, you can still be stylish and fashionable.

However, you need to follow some fashion tips to make sure you look sexy without looking like you’re trying hard to look young. Check out the list below and find out what works best for you.

Comfy and Cozy Walking Shoes

For sure, getting old is quite scary. Kids are leaving the house and are making their own lives, getting through a complex and intricate divorce, and work relationships are changing. Thus, you need to get the most of your life by making friends.

And by owning an excellent pair of walking shoes, it will constantly prompt you to go out, have fun, and meet new people. Make sure to keep them user-friendly and convenient, and never let them get dirty.

You can shop for different styles and designs in any online store like French Connection. Look at the world as your playing field and make use of your comfortable walking shoes to meet people that share the same interest with you.

The Right Foundation

The skin gets thinner and fragile as people get old, making the skin color look paler and duller. By applying the right foundation, you can incorporate depth and color into your skin. Making this skin-colored makeup as one of your best friends also have its set of quirky rules.

Think about golds and yellows because they are the common foundation undertones of the youth. These colors are very warm, providing your skin a more young-seeming look. Furthermore,  broken capillaries start to come out as we get old, and by applying this kind of foundation, you can stabilize the redness properly.

Chic, Natural-looking Hairstyles

Indeed, women over 40 are less into making any impressions, truly knows who they are, and knows their self-worth. And sometimes these characteristics appear in their hairstyles too. It can reflect their elegance, class, playfulness, sexiness, and sassiness.

However, there are some things that you should avoid. Like getting any childish hair colors. It is best not to get any hair color and go for natural-looking one. Remember you are not getting any younger anymore, so go for hairstyles that are low-maintenance, natural, and chic.

You can go for bob haircuts, for example. They are certainly perfect for women over 40, most especially for women with oval and heart-shaped faces. Another option is pixie cuts. With this kind of haircut, you can style it the way you want it to be.

You can also go for long and wavy hairstyles because regardless of what age are you now, you can never go wrong with it. Furthermore, you can also consider getting bangs. However, do go for something that covers your entire forehead.   

Avoid Dressing Teenage Clothes

Imitating the way the youth dress is probably the worst thing that you can ever do. It makes you look much older. So get rid of the miniskirts and go for something elegant and classier like cocktail dresses.

Keep in mind that wearing clothes designed for young people can create an imbalance between you and your outfit. Thus, it is best to go for stylish, simple, and age-appropriate clothing pieces to avoid looking older.

Bikini or Bathing Suits

Though keeping some of your bathing suits seems funny, but it certainly does add a barefoot, carefree vibe to your look. If you are not comfortable and confident wearing bikini bottoms, then think about swim shorts.

Just make sure that it fits you perfectly to lessen its shabbiness. For sure swim shorts will flatter your body while providing more coverage compared to a regular bikini bottom. Look for a swim short that perfectly suits your body type. Also, go for a top that has sufficient support, preferably in cup-band sizes and sling system.

A Pair of Jeans

boots, cardigan, denim

No one is ever too old to wear jeans. Even for women over 40, if you look great in jeans, then wear one. Go for the quality of the jeans, instead of the style because high-quality jeans will certainly not wear out after a couple of usages.

Less stretchable jeans are perfect for flaunting the curve and shape of your body because they fit and hone your body perfectly. Furthermore, jeans in dark colors are perfect for looking slim and concealing the areas you want to hide.

Make sure that you only wear jeans that perfectly fits you. If not, you will never be entirely satisfied with them. For more matured body types, consider medium-rise jeans because they can be more flattering than high-rise jeans.

Attractive Scarves

Bold, good looking scarves are essential to every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of the age. Just hang it over anything, and you will instantly get a warm and appealing vibe, plus a splash of color.

Go for a solid color that can emphasize and highlight your look rather than overpowering it. Colorful scarves can often break your look when mixed with wrong pieces of clothes like colored jacket or top. So stay mindful.


Turning forty should not scare you at all. Though you may get confused about how you should dress, the guide above will certainly help you out. From comfy walking shoes to attractive scarves, you will get the finest fashion tips for this age. Just take a look at your closet and beauty habits, and you will know what will work for you.