Is being thin a problem? Are you skinny and don’t know what to wear and what not to wear? People on the healthier side face problems about what clothes would look good, similarly even skinny people face a similar dilemma. Thin people have the difficulty finding clothes that absorb them. Women will never be happy looking at the mirror.

Skinny or heavy, tall or short, most girls have some trouble finding the right clothing style for their body shape and style. Certain genetically inherited things are impossible to change. The problems faced by skinny girls are struggling to create the look of feminine curves or shapely legs. Right clothes do wonders. There are many different styles fabric, patterns and materials that can add curves to your tiny frame. Match your style to fit your body type and that shall help you look best no matter how skinny you are. But, skinny girls can surely find comfortable, fashionable clothing that accentuates their assets and makes them feel good.

Tops with frills, puffs, etc

There are solutions for every body type, so do not be upset. There are some tips and guides to make you gorgeous, beautiful and sleek. All you need to do is pick up the right thing and not go haywire buying stuff. Open your closet chose the right clothes and get gorgeous.

With tops your wardrobe should have:

  1. More of blouse shirts, bebe blouses and loose fitting shirts
  2. Let your tops have frills, puffs, plates etc to give some volume to your body.
  3. Women’s blouse shirts give that fuller look
  4. Cotton Blouse shirts

Other concepts about clothing that you can imbibe in your wardrobe if you are skinny are:


skinny girl in Layered Clothes

Winter season is your best friend if you are skinny. This season gives you many opportunities for layered clothing. You can wear two simple fashion tee shirts together with a winter coat. Fabrics like wool add to the volume giving a fuller appearance.

The torso looks full and draws attention to the bust and face. During the summer season, don’t fret. Light colored tank tops over a thin long sleeved t shirt look great. The layering of the clothes should be done appropriately which can give a illusion of curves at the right places.

“BIG” Clothes

skinny girl in big top

During the winters, chunky sweaters give that extra frame to your petite body. Knit shirt tops in acrylic or heavy cotton blends look wonderful, but be careful about not teaming them with baggy pants. Wear them with regular fitted but relaxed looking jeans. In the summer time try on something which is more feminine. Pair a fitted tank top or a bikini top with say knee length board shorts.

Following are some suggestions to make you look little voluminous:

  1. Select horizontal striped tops than the vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes add curves to your body.
  2. Team your fitted tops with relaxed fit jeans or trousers and wear flats in place of high heels. Boots are also a good choice.
  3. If possible maintain distance with fitted clothes, they tend to highlight the thin frame. But do not go for very baggy clothes, else you will float in them. Find a fit that is neither too snug neither too lose.

A high cowl neck blouse

  1. As discussed earlier big chunky tops and clothes with layers help. They give a little extra weight to your body.
  2. Experiment with patterned and multi colored tops and shirts rather than solid colored ones.
  3. Try baby doll style tops which add curves and soft lines to your silhouette. Use lively colors and don’t fret experimenting with them but just don’t go overboard with prominent patterns and designs.
  4. Plain white or colored shirts worn for all occasions should be tucked in the trousers or into a straight skirt. This creates volume and can be accessorized with pearl necklaces giving a girly look.
  5. Boost your bust with ruffles and shop for tops with gathers, twists, knots or ruching at the bodice. Draping likes scarves and shawls at the neckline of a top looks very flattering for small busted figures. They divert attention from the thin frame. Ruffles add that wonderful volume to a flat chest.
  6. A high cowl neck blouse hides the tall thin neck smartly and gives a personalized look to your style.

All these tips were to accentuate your skinny body. There are certain tops which you should avoid picking if you are the petite framed.

  1. T shirts with short sleeves are a NO! Short sleeves on thin arms are not very happening. Sleeveless tops should also be avoided; it will make you look thinner.
  2. NO NO to spaghetti tops incase your shoulders are bony.
  3. V necks should also go out of your wardrobe. They are little too pointy for your body type. The vertical lines in your body are showcased in V neck tops. But you can go for V neck jumpers over bare skin or on a white tee.

These are the top tips to make your skinny frame look absolutely gorgeous. You will not stop looking at the mirror.