A curriculum vitae is considered as a paper that makes the glance about your personality and background even before you meet the person who read it. Thus, your future career highly relies on the quality of the CV you write. Composing an impressive and qualitative CV is not a piece of cake, but it is totally worth the efforts and time spent on it.

Writing resume is a tough process that requires endurance and self-control. The point is that you need to assume your document from two different perspectives – from your own and from the employer`s one as well.

Allegedly, an average CV could be done in several hours. Unfortunately, it is partially true. If you are up to create a paper that can speak up about you to possible employers, you`d better spend more days and energy on its engendering. In order to practice writing a remarkable resume, we recommend you to go through our 3 tips for resume writing.

#1 Think Twice Before You Act.

In the beginning, you need to make a list of your advantages and disadvantages. The milestone of any CV is to highlight your strong sides and conceal negative ones, thus, be confident that your talents correspond to the demands an employer established for the job position.

To proceed, recall all your jobs and volunteering experience and make a roster of them. You may also have proofs and characteristics from the previous companies. After gathering, sort them out in a chronological sequence and be certain that you made no mistakes because each of them signalizes about not only your looseness but also your honesty.

End up your resume with your rewards and memberships in the clubs or NGOs. Despite the fact it may appear useless information, it describes you from a personal viewpoint. A chief would like to know what hobbies do you have and what are your interests, as it is important for him you feel comfortable with new colleagues. Finally, use a resume builder to engender the final version.

Tips For Resume Writing 1

#2 Use Your Imagination!

The next step you have to do is to return to your CV at the next day and use your imagination. You should imagine that you are a boss who has got a resume of an unknown person. Noting the impressions you feel is a mandatory clause of the process, do not forget to take a notebook or a piece of paper.

Before everything else, evaluate the photo, as it is the unique attribute that attracts the attention of any reader from the other sight. Do you find a person in a picture benevolent or glum as a bear? You have to make an impression of an open-minded and smart person, greeting a reader with a pleasant smile!

To continue, search for outstanding points that can describe the person. What is the brightest one that catches an eye? If it is not the same one as you thought your best advantage is, then you should replace them and highlight the latter a bit more.

Finally, be honest with yourself. Underline the line where you got bored and did not want to continue reading – all the information below is useless and probably will not be considered by a chief executive or decision-making committee.

#3 Ask For Assistance.

On the next day, send your CV to as many people as possible and ask them to review your work and do exactly the same process as you did in the previous paragraph.  Then, acquire the information about their impressions. Now you have a real view of people’s attitude to your resume and have a possibility to improve it, considering all notes and amendments.

However, some people are only critics who are willing to denounce your work rather than help you. If you receive a negative feedback without argumentative comments, then just ask the person send you the example of his/her own curriculum vitae and learn it in details.


Writing resume is a long and tough process, but it is extremely significant for your future career. In order to improve your document, make a cycle of the former three tips at least two times. However, if you do not feel confident enough, you can always find resume writer online and place an order there.