Your skin needs a little extra love, care and pampering after a shaving session. After all, sharp blades and rigorous routines can take a toll on the delicate layers of the skin, making it dry and rough. A good men’s aftershave can definitely look after razor bumps and skin irritation the right way but how do you which after shave to pick from the wide variety available? Well, it’s simple, just follow these tips.

It should blend with your skin type

As you already know routing shaving can damage your skin. A clean shaven look can come at the price of roughness and dryness. An aftershave that suits your skin type perfectly helps to nourish your skin from within and puts a stop to irritation and rash. If your skin is susceptible to rash and razor bumps, make certain you pick an aftershave that works to help you restore your skin back to its normal condition.

Look into the fragrance it exudes

Purchasing the best aftershave splash does not mean picking the one that looks most attractive. You need to find a product that comes with a distinctive fragrance, one that suits your personality well. This ensures that when the aftershave has evaporated, the scent lingers on, adding to your overall charm and appeal. Some aftershaves come with come scented with essential oils while others come with herbal extracts. You also need to know how the aftershave is going to react on your skin. Men with sensitive skin need to lay special emphasis on this aspect.

Pick a high quality aftershave

While checking for fragrances is important, it is equally vital to make sure that the aftershave you choose is of a high quality. Remember, whether you are choosing a tobacco vanilla aftershave or any other kind, it needs to be of a superior in quality as the aftershave you put on seeps into the deep layers of the skin. Making sure your aftershave is high in quality ensures your skin is left with a soft, smooth finish. A good aftershave makes certain it blends well with all skin types. It does not lead to clogging or blocking of pores.

Other factors to keep in mind

Aftershaves come in the form of sprays and lotions, so you first need to make a choice from these types. Besides this, always examine the label of the product meticulously. See that the aftershave comes with natural ingredients and stay away from synthetic ones. Also know how much you are willing to spend on an aftershave. If you shave on a daily basis, it is more pocket friendly to pick a product that does not make shaving everyday an expensive affair. If you shave once a week, you can consider splurging a little more on your aftershave.

These are just a few factors you need to pay attention to when picking a new men’s aftershave for you, whether online or at a store. Above all, don’t take the process of applying the aftershave for granted. Rinse off all the shaving cream and then apply the aftershave. This is sure to help you choose a product that soothes, nourishes, moisturises skin, and stimulates cell regeneration while maintaining a clean and healthy look. An aftershave helps to keep your skin in top condition, always.