The Japanese car manufacturing industry is popularly known for designing and manufacturing the most reliable vehicles across the globe. Since decades Japan has been listed among the top-3 countries to bring the highest number of vehicles in the auto trading industry. Car manufacturers in the country have gained a steady top position among their counterparts from different regions of the world. They dominate the automobile market which is a clear proof of their reputation and eminence in the auto industry.

Just like the previous years, Japanese cars yet again have been sold at high numbers in the market. While Toyota coming on the top, selling most number of units at over seven global regions, followed by Honda and Suzuki.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the top selling Japanese car brands in the year 2017.

  1. Toyota
    The all famous Toyota has been long dominating the Japanese auto market. In the fiscal year of 2017 Toyota has produced some 9.1 million vehicles, significantly a higher number than Honda and Suzuki combined. Consistently throughout the different quarters of the years, Toyota has been selling higher number of units, with popular models such as the Prius, Aqua and Sienta got sold in high number than the others.The company with some of the best names in the Hybrid car technology vehicle has found itself selling more number of hybrid vehicles than the previous year, where Prius came on the top yet again. The evergreen corolla, Vitz, and Passo were also remained famous during the year.
  2. Honda
    Honda has sold around 5 million vehicles, giving the car manufacturing brand a second place in the year 2017. The Fit and Vezel were among the highest selling models of the brand securing their name among the top ten Japanese vehicles of the year.Honda sales reached high during the last quarter of the year grossing high profits, capturing relatively larger market share by the year-end.
  3. Suzuki
    The brand has gained a record number of sales during its past couple of years in the market. The company has sold just less than 5 million units, with Suzuki Wagon R being a popular choice for thousands of car customers around the world. However, the company failed to produce a model which could have made in the top ten most favorites of the year.
  4. Nissan
    The brand experienced an overall better year in terms of sale than the past couple of years. The increase in sales was around 22% during the first half of the year and stayed at its fourth position till the end of the year. Sentra and Altima were among the top-selling vehicles for the company at a global level.
  5. Daihatsu
    With around 8% increase in the sales of Daihatsu, the brand hold a decent fifth position in the table. The Daihatsu Hijet, Tanto, and Mira managed to get the high number of sales during the year.
  6. Mazda
    Unlike other car brands, Mazda faced losses during the year and sold comparatively fewer vehicles than their previous years. The MX5 Miata, Mazda3 and Mazda CX 3 were among the best-selling models for the brand.
  7. Subaru
    Outback and Crosstrek gained a record number of sales in the year 2017 in America, making Subaru reach to the seventh best-selling Japanese vehicle. The brand enjoyed higher sales compared to the last couple of years. Staying ahead of some prominent names in the Japanese auto market.
  8. Mitsubishi
    Although Mitsubishi sold less number of vehicles compared to the last year but still stayed at the 8th position just like their last year.
  9. Isuzu
    Surprisingly there has been a constant increase in the number of sales of the car manufacturer. Isuzu has managed to stay under the top ten selling vehicles in Japan.
  10. Lexus
    Lexus has sold around 3 million vehicles worldwide, with a small decrease of 4% compared to the previous year, yet still managed to place itself at the number 10 position.

The car industry in Japan has been taking over the auto market through advanced technology and exceptional features in their vehicle. Where due to the high competition within the Japanese manufacturers, you aren’t sure who will be the leading the chart next year.

Not only the brand new cars, but you could find Japanese used vehicles in Turkey and several other countries around the world at a high percentage.