Android phones are used by almost every teenager. Android Spy Apps can tell parents each and everything about their teens. They can know what their teens do at school, they can know how their teens talk to their friends, and they can know where their teens hang and what they do there.

Mobile-spy app

With Mobile-spy’s Android app for the android phones, parents can know who their teens’ role model is. If he or she is a person who is notorious or is affecting their teen negatively, then they know that they have to do something about preventing their teen from adopting any such habits that might affect their health, personality or performance at school or college.

Mobistealth’s spy app

Another app is Mobistealth’s spy app. Its installation procedure is easier. Parents can peep into the favorite character of their teen and make sure that their admiration for that particular person is making their teen a bad person. This applies when teens have role models who smoke or drink or are known for fights, which might make teens violent.

Android spy apps allow parents to find out what websites and pages their teens browse using the tablet. They can get a copy of these browsing details as it is. It is very likely that teens browse the biographies and other details of their favorite personalities or those who they consider role models on their tablets. And thus their parents can have an idea if their teens are admiring people who are worth the admiration.

Flexispy app

Moreover, with Flexispy app, parents can not only get a copy of the browsing details, but they can also view the email messages of their teens. Often teen take pictures looking or posing like their role model and then share these pictures with their friends via email messages. So using Android spy apps, parents can also open the attached files with the email messages. If they get their hands on a picture posing with a cigarette just like their favorite actor did in one of his movies, then parents know that their teen isn’t admiring the right person and he needs counseling so that he can straighten out his or her life and fix his habits.