Snoring happens to be quite a chronic people and a majority of the people are affected by it. But more often snoring is rather taken a joke than a symptom of something serious. But it can have some grave health implications that more people should be aware of. The problem of snoring is said to be more severe in male than the females. Sleep apnea can be one of the major reasons that snoring is indicative of.

Fortunately, the good news is that most of the snorers have found relief from snoring after using the anti-snoring mouthpieces that are known as the mouthguards, too. The Mandibular Advancements Devices are also known as the MADs and they can physically move the lower jaw forth. This is responsible for holding the mandible or jaw forth.

If you are planning to opt for a mouthguard, there are a few things that you should take into account. The MADs are produced in an individual manner and moulded into the teeth of the user. They are adjustable and customisable but still they are capable of causing some problems.

Again, the Tongue Retaining Devices (TRDs) that hold the tongue in place for preventing the blockage of air are quite affordable and cause lesser amount of discomfort. But they are one-size-for-all and may not be suitable for the users.

Here are 5 of the of the anti-snoring devices that are available today. Just take a look.

VitalSleep MAD

VitalSleep happens to be a MAD that is boil-and-bite which is taking customisation to a whole new level. This offering from VitalSleep is a must-have for those who are trying to solve their snoring issues. This device offers a customizable fit and the allen wrench that is provided with the purchase can help you to adjust it perfectly. The tool is also available in small sizes (for women) and large size (for men). The company even brings forth exchanges if the fit is not proper. Once the VitalSleep is moulded in the right way, the patients wearing it can sleep in any position that they like and breathe though their nose as well as mouth freely. What’s more VitalSleep also comes with a full refund guarantee and a 60-night sleep trial along with a one-year warranty which is a more extended period than what most offer. A majority of the anti-snoring tools do not bring forth any kind of warranty.

Suitable for Patients who

  • Have different jaw adjustment procedures
  • Prefer jaw adjustments while sleeping
  • Prefer any sleep position
  • Want warranty for purchases (1-year warranty and 60-night sleep trial)

Good Morning Snore Solution (TRD)

This one is produced by a Canadian company, MPowerx with a very high rating. This silicon-made device draws the tongue forth in attempt to prevent it from obstructing the airway. This tool is used in a number of countries and patients prefer it for its efficiency. As this is a TRD or Tongue Retaining Device, it does not call for any kind of fitting and is ideal for people who wear dentures. However, it also has a downside as it enables the patients to breathe just through the nose. It can also give rise to sore tongues and drooling. If you haven’t ever used a TRD, you can take a chance with the TRD from Good Morning Snore. This company also offers a 30 days guarantee for moneyback. Within this phase, if you find that the device is not suitable for you, you will get a full refund just after deducting the shipping charges. This TRD has gained a name for itself as an affordable and one of the most effective mouthguards for controlling snoring that is available.

The Vital Pros of the Device

  • Cleared by both Canadian Health Authorities and FDA
  • Silicon construction drawing the tongue forth, so it does not block the airways
  • 30-day guarantee for money back.

ZQuiet (MAD)

Unlike some of the other “bite-and-boil” devices that can be customised to fit the mouth, this tool from ZQuiet offers a universal design that adjusts to the mouth of the users. This is done by the deign that is hinged which eliminates the requirement of pushing the jaw forward and therefore avoids the discomfort that the MADs cause. As opposed to other mandibular devices, you can breathe both through the mouth and the nose with ZQuiet. This special design also facilitates the movement of the jaw from side to side and makes it easy to open and close the jaw. It facilitates a 30-night sleep trial and the price is also inexpensive.

Suitable for Patients who

  • Suffer from jaw pain
  • Care for cost-effectiveness
  • Don’t prefer high movements of jaw

The above are the sleep apnea mouth guard suggestions that you should consider when you are looking for anti-snore devices for controlling your sleep apnea symptom of snoring. However, you must consult with your sleep dentist to get a clearer view about which one will best suit you.