Mobile is the necessity of the today’s generation. Everyone is busy with their mobile and it is used for variety of purposes like calling, surfing over Internet, viewing websites, online shopping and lots more. Thus, to ensure higher profitability, your business website design should be inspired from the mobile friendly feature.

Have you heard about mobile friendly design?

Yes, mobile friendly is the most demandable feature as everyone want to view websites in their handy device mainly in Mobile. Thus, the term Responsive is introduced in the market. The Responsive feature is implemented on the website’s designs which enable users to access the desired website using any device like mobiles, tablets, and laptops without losing any information.

Some of the main concern of the mobile friendly website which are discuss as follow:

  • Should be more attractive and eye-catching
  • Should be user friendly
  • Easy navigation
  • Compatible in any environment like Joomla, iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Display all information without any destruction

Now, you have better understanding about mobile friendly web development. Let’s discuss some points which you should avoid for an effective mobile friendly web development:

Convert the Desktop Website into the mobile friendly website

Generally, to save our time, we all convert our desktop website into the mobile website. This is not the right way to develop the mobile friendly website for your business. If we do this then the mobile version of the website has unable to gain the attention of its targeted audience. Additionally, we face some issues like the size of the mobile website is comparatively big thus it takes lots of time in loading. Moreover, the desktop website consists large amount of information thus when we convert it into the mobile version, the website lost the information to fit in the specified screen size. Thus, we must avoid this type of conversion to effectively present information in the mobile friendly website.

The Design of Your Mobile Website based on Your Desktop Website Analytics

You should avoid to utilize the analytics which is based on your desktop website version. The reason behind this is that when we create a website then we keep the targeted audience of the website in mind. Thus, if we create a desktop website then we keep the desktop audience in mind. In this way, if we design mobile version of a website using desktop website analytics then we failed to grab the attention of mobile users.

Creating a Separate Mobile-Dedicated Site

If anybody advice you to create separate website for your mobile as well as for your desktop version, then this is the worst decision if you do so. If you plan to build separate websites, then you have face lots of problems. The most common is that you need different URLS for both the websites. In this way, targeted audience get confused and unable to identify your websites over the Internet. Let’s discuss some more issues which you face are given as follow:

  • Search engine charges penalties in case of duplicate content
  • Double your expenses for transferring traffics as you have two version of websites
  • If you think about offline advertisement, then it’s a headache as you have to promote two websites