For anyone seeking to produce their own footage, they are going to quickly discover that regardless of equipment or skill, raw footage is not going to provide the high quality required for the sequence. In order to get the final quality you are looking for, some editing is going to be required. Though many expensive software packages exist, there are some highly capable free options available that will be worth taking the time to check.

Windows Movie Maker

WMM is easily one of the best movie editing suites available for the novice film maker. Little has been changed over the years as Microsoft essentially got it right first time, and it is likely to be included in Windows 10 when released. Its simple design allows the user to drag video clips and/or photos into the editing suite, where they are displayed in order. Once the sequence of images has been laid up as desired, adding additional details such as audio, captions and other features is quite straight forward, as is sharing the file directly on music-sharing and social media sites.

MPEG Streamclip

The small download size of 327kB, coupled with the programs ability to handle multiple files at once, make this an option worth trying. The package enables the user to manipulate the footage in various ways, including cutting, rotating and trimming, as well as exporting the soundtrack; the package allows more freedom via its export menu than some commercial software and also allows the user to convert files between various formats.


WeVideo is a cloud-based editing suite, making your fibre optic broadband a key link in the editing process, so ensure to contract a reputable provider. The service offers 5GBs of storage in the cloud with the ability to publish five minutes of footage directly to sites such as YouTube and Facebook. While this may seem a paltry amount, the package is free to use, and if more is required, the package can be upgraded to a higher level for a fee. A key benefit is the ability to take various clips from a range of social media sites and drop them straight into the editor; this is much more difficult to do via the standard desktop route. Furthermore, the post-processing features include the ability to add special effects etc. via its easy-to-use interface. Another option that might also be of interest is YouTube Editor, the free-to-use editing tool offered by YouTube.


To step things up a notch, Lightworks is available to the more advanced editor. This package is in a league of its own amongst free editing package options, and requires a serious approach to learn its functionality before it can provide any useful capability for the project. The program by Editshare has been consistently updated and offers users the ability to edit in up to 4K resolution. Among other commendable features, Lightworks allows excellent content management via its superior user interface. To put the software capability in its proper context, it has been used in several Hollywood blockbusters, including the Batman franchise, for post-production. Quite impressive.