Not many Internet users are aware of the fact that WordPress actually backs a large number of websites in the world. As a matter of fact, most of the popular websites in the world actually depend on WordPress for their daily function. With such striking positive reports, it is not surprising at all to see most business owners who want to flourish their website all over the Internet show a keen interest in WordPress.

Professionals in the SEO field should keep an eye on the developments of WordPress. Take a look at some of the predictions for WordPress in 2018.

More Focus on Video

Every digital marketer in the industry is familiar with the growing evolution of video promotion. From web designers to advertisers, everyone is constantly focusing on video content and WordPress is no different. With version 4.7 ‘Vaughn’, this platform has gained immense support for executing video headers that have given rise to new incredible decorative options. WordPress has always been the foundation for custom designs and integrating video header option is certainly a welcome move. In SEO organizations like Tayloright, the focus is on developing the website with a video-first approach.

Almost every social media network on the web is investing in live streaming and video; thus, 2018 might witness deeper WordPress integrations. In fact, there are high chances of releasing themes that are designed with a video and live streaming approach.

Rise in Mobile-friendly Themes

Digital marketers would be expecting mobile-centric designs and themes in 2018. As most users on the Internet access websites from their mobile phones, websites with old themes and outdated designs will not perform up to the mark on mobile platforms. This can certainly lead to poor rankings on Google. WordPress admins must not neglect mobile-first themes or else the results can really harm their websites.

Drag and Drop Themes Will Be on Top

Have you ever thought why WordPress is so popular among web developers? Well, the only reason is that it is the only platform where developing, running, and designing websites is easy and streamlined. Even a person with minimal web design experience can create beautiful websites within a limited time. Drag and Drop themes will be very popular in 2018 as they simplify the entire design process of websites.

No More Security Compromise

The previous years have shown that simplistic security measures can be incredibly harmful and webmasters cannot simply rely on them for the security of their website. Many prolific websites have witnessed numerous attacks by malicious hackers in the last five years. If you choose to skip over your site’s cyber security, you will have high chances of a cyber attack. Hence, security must be a top priority for websites and more focus should be on developing defensive tools.


The aforementioned points are the most anticipated features that will have an impact on WordPress in 2018. How will websites change? Will mobile-first theme and design receive praise? All these answers will be a game-changer for WordPress this year.