Let’s face it, gaining weight seems like the easiest thing to do, and it doesn’t even require any efforts as such. The real nightmare comes when you’re required to shed all that weight! Yes, gaining weight is easy but losing weight can be a cumbersome task. However, it is certainly not an impossible task and just with the help of a little bit of effort and dedication from your side, you can have that slim and trim body you always wanted. Listed below are five Android apps that swear to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Lose It!


If you’re desperate to lose some weight, Lose It is the app you need. Lose It is a fantastic free app lets you set up a desired goal weight and then helps you get there! Just input your current weight and the app will provide you with a weight loss routine and will help you remain within your calorie budget. Besides, the app also allows you to look up calories and nutritional info on the foods that you consume, and you can even track your exercise routine. The most amazing feature of this app is its barcode scanner which lets your device scan the barcode of any food item and provides you with the calories and nutritional information of that item from its exhaustive food database. What’s more, the app even features a nifty community support group where other members can provide you with all the motivation and inspiration that you need!

My Fitness Pal


Getting paranoid about the amount of calories you are consuming each day? Looking for an ultimate tool to keep a check on your calories? If yes, you might want to look up My Fitness Pal on Google Play Store from your Android device. My Fitness Pal is a cracking app that will give all you Android users out there a convenient way to track your daily intake of fat, calories, carbohydrates, and proteins. The app takes out all the guesswork from tracking your calorie intake by letting you record everything that you drink and eat. It has an impressive database of over two million foods that it can count calories for. If that wasn’t enough, the app also has an efficient barcode scanner to let you see how nutritious and healthy the food that you buy is. The app even lists out hundreds of exercises for you to try out and you can also connect with friends and exercise together.

Noom Weight Loss Coach


Looking for a weight loss app which is both effective as well as fun to use? If yes, Noom Weight Loss Coach is the app you’re looking for. Featuring a beautiful interface, Noom Weight Loss Coach serves as your personalized coach, taking up a rather supportive and encouraging approach to help you lose weight. Rather than focusing on helping you track your calories and workouts, this particular app coaches you and motivates you to embrace a healthy lifestyle. It gives you a set of daily tasks and activities that focus on long-term weight loss in a balanced way. The app uses fun challenges, game-type techniques, informational articles, and so on to get you motivated and bring about a positive change in your lifestyle through proper diet and exercise. It also has a nifty log book for tracking meals, workouts, calories, and weight loss progress. Need more reasons to absolutely love this app?

My Diet Coach


Let’s face it, maintaining a strict diet or a workout regime can be a cumbersome task. This is where My Diet Coach comes into action. My Diet Coach is a brilliant tool designed to keep all you dieters out there encouraged and committed to reach your weight loss goals. The app will motivate you to keep going, to overcome all sorts of food temptations, cravings, emotional eating, lethargy, and other obstacles with the help of quality reminders, virtual awards for your achievements, and so on. The app also assists you in bringing about healthy changes to your lifestyle by setting up challenges and tracking them, and will also offer you motivational tips when you face obstacles.

Weight Watchers Mobile


Weight Watchers Mobile is easily one of the best tools to help you track your diet plan and make better and healthier choices when it comes to food. Right from daily featured recipes, to success stories, to an online community support group, to shopping lists, weight loss tips, and so on, Weight Watchers pretty much covers everything that you need in order to keep a watch on your weight. With this app handy, you will be more equipped to make smart food choices anywhere, anytime. You can track your food, activity, and weight on the go. It has an awesome Snap & Track feature that allows you to quickly snap a picture of your meal and track it later – how cool is that! Moreover, you can also use the app to locate Weight Watchers Meetings in your areas and look for workout ideas for any fitness level.