Push notifications appear more as of browser notifications. When you will install a new mobile app on your Smartphone, you will be frequently asked for push notifications choice. Such notifications are alert messages that notify you of the new entries from your registered platform like news. Push notifications for WordPress help you to get more traffic to your website and increase your e-commerce store sales.

There is an abundance of free WordPress plugins available on the web for download. You can find out and install best push notification plugin for WordPress to send notifications from your website. Here we are suggesting 5 best WordPress push notifications plugging from which you can pick anyone as per your requirement.

Let’s Have A Look At These Best Push Notification Plugin For WordPress:


PushCrew is one of the finest plugins for sending push notifications for WordPress. In order to use this plugin you will require to log in with a PushCrew account and, after that, the service starts working flawlessly on each compatible WordPress website. It works on tablets, desktops, and smartphones to send active notifications.

Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)

Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) lets you keep the focus to build flourishing and exclusive apps, alongwith making your own server-side back-end .The content needed for these apps is automatically obtained from your WordPress site; hence no additional effort is required to maintain them.

Speedy Push

Speedy Push is a for best push notification plugin WordPress & Woocommerce. The users of WordPress site are able to get web push notifications on mobile devices and desktop even if their computer is off or they are not using website.


OneSignal is an absolute push notification plugin for WordPress websites and blogs, admired by more than 270,000 marketers and developers counting some of the big websites and brands in the world. We deliver more than a billion notifications per day.


HookPress is one more helpful solution for push notifications. As its name indicates, HookPress transforms your WordPress-internal hooks into webhooks so a specific URL is requested as soon as certain WordPress action takes place. HookPress expand WordPress with non-PHP users.


We have sorted out above 5 best plugins, after testing number of push notification plugins available on the Web. If you want to drive more traffic for your business website, using such push notifications plugins is the most viable choice for you. You can also opt for WordPress Plugin development for your website. Get in touch with us to get proficient WordPress Plugin development solutions for your e-commerce or other business website.