Do you often wonder how much a roof deserves and what you need to do for your home’s roof to last as long as it should? The forces of wear and tear have greater impact on roofs because the roof gets direct exposure to the elements. Despite these, you will improve your roof’s age and appearance if you follow the following steps keenly. The tips include:

Put your safety first

DIY projects save money always. However, you shouldn’t climb up the roof and start repairs when the roof leaks. You would end up in hospital or worse. That has to be avoided. To be on the safe side, you should not meddle with the roof when it snows or when it rains. Wait for the snow to melt and the rains to, stop then start your repairs. You should call in professionals if you doubt your ability to repair the roof in or after bad weather.

Take safety precautions like wearing shoes with rubber soles to prevent slipping, don’t work alone, and always have a harness with you.

Keep gutters clean

Clogged gutters are responsible for a big number of roof leaks. To prevent water from building up in the gutter, clear the gutters frequently.

Spray the roof

To check for roof leaks, take a garden hose and spray different locations on the roof with water. However, you shouldn’t spray water on the roof in winter because it is unsafe being on the roof when it is snowing.

Fix roof boots

Have you checked the skylights, roofing, flashing and ice damping? Is everything okay? Though these areas have been double checked, there is one area you have forgotten, the rubber boots. When the rubber boots dry up, they cause major leaks that can lead to massive damages. To prevent this from happening, purchase a new rubber boot from roofing professionals. Tar should be used to put the boot back in place. Some of the areas served by professional roofing contractors include the whole of Arkansas and Texas. Just contact them for professional rubber boot installation.

Get rid of dry rot

Dry rot affects your home’s ventilation system. As a result of wear and tear, and subsequent repairs, there will be deteriorating wood. With time, the roof will sag in causing the roofing materials to crack. To prevent this from happening, have a ridge vent installed. Note that this will only work if the roof has a soffit vent. Get professional roofing contractors to drill holes through the soffit vents for air to pass through them pushing hot air out.

Prevent ice build up

Ice builds up under shingles, roof membranes, and gutters. This results in back up when it reaches the wall line where the house is better heated leading to interior drips. This can be prevented by installing a drip edge and installing proper ventilation.

Inspect materials

This should be done by professionals. Some shingles crack immediately after they have been nailed. This can result in leaks. Inspection of new roofing material should be done after installation and new merchandise checked before installation. Valleys should also be checked frequently.

In conclusion, adhering to these simple tips will help in keeping your household safe. These also result in extension of your roof’s lifespan.