Putting a puzzle together can be a lot of fun but it can also be a hassle to find a flat surface to work on that will hold the puzzle. Thanks to the digital age that we now live in, everyone has a flat surface in the palm of their hand and an untold number of puzzles available to purchase and place them together. Some of the best puzzles have always involved animals, be it cats or birds, domesticated animals or wild beasts, these puzzles were always a wonderful site when completed. Here are the best animal puzzle games on the Google play store.

Wild Animals Puzzle: Jigsaw


Wild Animals Puzzle: Jigsaw created by MadRabbit, brings the animals of the jungle straight to your droid device. This puzzle game will increase in difficulty as the player begins to advance in the puzzles. There are many different animals in the game, including exotic birds and bears. Once a puzzle is completed, players can save the image and use it as a background for their phone or tablet. This could be a great trophy for players if the puzzle was difficult. This game has a level selector and if you get stuck, also has a hint system.


Fancy Jigsaw: Wild Animals


Fancy Jigsaw: Wild Animals is a jigsaw puzzle game created by App5. This game has some stunning photos of animals, that once put together are really nice to look at. It offers the usual lions and tigers, but it also has great pictures of penguins with big icebergs in the background. It is really challenging to get all the pieces to fit together and that just adds to the fun. This game has over one hundred puzzles to play and has a preview pane in case a player gets stuck.


Kids Animal Jigsaw Puzzles


Kids Animal Jigsaw Puzzles is a very kid friendly game developed by Espace Software. This game is designed to teach children how to put Jigsaw puzzles together. It has the outline of the animal and kids have to fill it in with the pieces. One complete, the animal will fit into the background, making children feel great about completing a puzzle. This game will also increase the difficulty if the child finds it to be too easy. This may encourage some kids to try more advanced puzzles. This game supports many languages including English, Chinese, and Russian. There is a free to play version with the option of buying the full game from an in app purchase.


Kids Animal Jigsaw Puzzles


Forest Animal Puzzle Pro is a jigsaw puzzle game by Mokool Inc. This game features all the creatures of the forest right onto a Droid device. This game has a fluid difficulty, meaning that if a player wants to play a puzzle on easy, they can, using just nine pieces. Or they can play the same puzzle with up to one hundred pieces, thus increasing the difficulty proportionately. This game has facebook integration that will allow players to show off their high scores via a time clock that tells how fast the player completed the puzzle. This game costs $.99 on the Google play store and is well worth the asking price as it has untold re-playability.

Check out any one of these great puzzle games on Google play to scratch your puzzle itch!

This review has been contributed by Captain ZOO which is the online animal and zoo gaming fansite for kids.