What sounds tastier than a burger to satiate one’s hunger pangs? Burgers have been the most popular snack items since ages amongst all age groups. And what’s more? Munching a burger couldn’t have got so interesting until a New York City Restaurant decided to show the world the most expensive hamburger. Called ‘Le Burger Extravagant’, from Serendipity 3 has set all new Guinness World Records in May 2012.

Costing at US$295 plus a tip has a diamond embedded solid gold tooth pick. The burger is a mix of a Wagyu beef blended with ingredients that you would have never heard or tasted. The beef (Japanese) base known as Wagyu has been given a different taste with Pacific Sea Salt (Salish Alderwood) and tossed with white truffle butter made of ten herb. It has been especially sprinkled with cheddar cheese. James Motgomery is behind the cheese who is one of the famous English cheese maker. The biggest and most expensive burger on planet is topped with blini, creme fraiche and Kaluga caviar.

Serendipity 3 is all words synonymous to high class ventures and this burger is just another example of this. Now you can even relate gold with a burger. Yes, this burger has also been caked with a diamond tooth pick made form solid gold. The diamond based solid gold tooth pick being referred as “Fleur de Lis” has been designed by the world famous jeweler Euphoria New York. And what’s more….you can even order this burger for your impromptu parties as it can be prearranged within a 48 hour timeframe. This restaurant has set high standards for itself, whether you talk about taste, style or societal living.

Spending this amount of money for a hamburger may sound a little too much. And to manage this consumer mindset and give a reason to its customers to buy this expensive hamburger, the restaurant decided to link its profit proceeds for a social cause. This not only will help in higher sales but also help the needs simultaneously. Though the burger is priced on a higher side, but it has a altruistic purpose. For all the society conscious folks, this is a good opportunity for you to shell some dollars towards charity as the profits from the earnings of this burger would be donated to the nonprofit organization. To keep you informed of your charity donations and profit proceeds, the profits will be passed to The Bowery Mission which is involved in feeding and assisting homeless in New York. So eating a burger would not make you feel guilty for all those calories as you would also be helping another hungry person. What could be a better way than eating and helping a needy?

So get ready to get indulgent in this most expensive hamburger and help the needy too. For all those ham burger lovers, food indulgence couldn’t get easier and tastier than this.