Nowadays, selling products online is one of the common and popular online business models. Not only does it generate substantial income if done correctly but also creates brand awareness among customers. Affiliate programs are the best, known way to sell your products to a bigger audience as you will have dedicated affiliates who on behalf of you will take over to enhance your brand value.

What exactly does an affiliate tracking software do?

Affiliate tracking software will handle all your affiliates’ responsibilities and daily tasks. Right from receiving applications of new affiliates to providing them marketing materials, everything will be managed by the affiliate software. Affiliates can run their traffic reports and check their so far commission earned on per sale.

As a merchant, you can see your affiliates’ results,  welcome new affiliates, and make payments. For this task to do effectively, there are a handful of best affiliate tracking software options available in the market. Now, let’s take a look.

AffiliateShop Software

AffiliateShop offers top-notch affiliate management solution that perfectly suits for any type of business. Also, it provides a great number of shopping cart integration options when compared to any other software providers. Its features include:

  • — Completely hosted and supported
  • — Easy-to-use
  • SEO-friendly
  • — Smart track reporting

All AffiliatePro

They provide affiliate software solutions from easy one site programs to large 20+ site private networks. With service levels (4) like Budget, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, All AffiliatePro caters to full-service corporate needs and budgeted small business requirements. The software brings a bunch of latest market leading features that work effectively.

  • — Inbuilt lead tracker can track various stages of leads.
  • — Merchants can offer different commission rates for every product in your store.
  • — With multi-level marketing enabled, the software can track your affiliate commissions up to 12 tier in depth.

Impact Radius

Founded in 2008 by a group of Internet marketing and technology experts, Impact Radius completely transforms the way advertisers manage and control media and performance marketing partnerships. Its features include Precise Media Tracking, Granular Reporting, SEO-friendly, Real-time analytics, Ad hosting, Call tracking, 100% accurate tracking, and a lot of others.

Hit Path

HitPath is a one stop solution for all affiliate tracking needs. With the help of software, merchants can now properly attribute different corners of all their marketing efforts to measure the valuable customer engagement. It has different platforms for Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies. With robust features such as Integrated CRM, Campaign Sales Cap Alerts, Affiliate Newsletters, and many others, HitPath has the right set of attribution tracking tools and reporting to efficiently run a business.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra money or create awareness among customers. However, the best way to do this is by utilizing the right affiliate management software that can track your affiliates, manage and promote your products accurately.