Planning to launch a business venture in near future. You will need to launch a website to attract potential customers. Having a website of your own will help you attract potential customers and that too at a fraction of cost that other mediums of advertising may involve.

As the website gets online, the next step will be to encourage the potential customers to visit the website. Simply put, you will need to generate traffic for the website.

Thankfully a range of search engines are available to make your task easier. The most popular amongst these is Google and you will need to plan effective strategies to generate traffic via Google.

Below are listed some of the top strategies that you need to adopt in order to generate traffic from Google.

Effective use of Keywords

Filename: Alt attributes and description are the various attributes in which you need to use the keywords effectively. As you create a filename, avoid using any digits and alphabets as the spiders might not be able to locate the content, thus making the task difficult. Instead use filenames as google image search.jpg/

Alternative text in form of Alt attribute is imperative as spiders are able to crawl much faster through relevant words. The spiders find it impossible to detect image content so the use of Alt attribute needs to be encouraged.

Placing Alt attribute in keywords will help you improve search engine rankings too. Description is the most important component and you will need to have specific details of the service or the product mentioned in a professional manner. Much attention needs to be given to effective keyword use. Plan your strategy and use the above listed information to generate traffic.

Content usage in distinct ways

Content is of prime importance when it comes to search engine optimization. To convert potential visitors into customers, the content has to be written in a creative manner. The optimized content on the website can be converted into a slideshow too for better results. Free software from Open Office will make your task easier.

As the slideshow is ready, these slide shows can be converted into video formats and can be submitted on video sharing websites as Meta Cafe and YouTube.

To attract potential customers in a better manner add the link of your website in the description portion of the video. This will attract additional traffic to the website.

Google Adwords usage

Google Adwords is another effective method of generating traffic for the website. This generates instant traffic for the website and is considered an effective strategy. You will need to create a Google Adword account but choose with care and vision as this account does not come for free and you will have to pay for number of traffic clicks that are generated on the website.

The most distinct advantage of using Google Adwords is that you will have instant visibility and in case your business idea is able to generate interest amongst visitors, the task of generating traffic will get extremely easier.

Try the above listed strategies and you are sure to generate quality business for your endeavour.